The new season seven ofis finally here! is finally here! In the highly-anticipated season premiere, Doc Martin is heartbroken after Louisa’s departure at the end of season six. The new series finds Martin ready to make some changes and win his family back.

The seventh and latest season of Doc Martin premieres Thursday, January 28 at 9pm on WOSU TV.

Rescue Me | Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 9pm
We start back in Portwenn with Martin, but Louisa is not there. After their tumultuous time last series, Louisa has gone for a break to visit her mother in Spain: to have some time to think and get some perspective on their relationship. Martin is faced with the questions: will Louisa come back to him; and what can he do to make sure that she does?

The Shock of the New | Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 9pm
After Martin’s first session with Dr. Rachel Timoney, we see he may have me this match: if anyone is going to be able to help Martin change, then Dr. Timoney seems well-qualified. Louisa’s return further raises questions around their relationship: in order to stay together, perhaps they need to spend more time apart, living in separate houses until they have worked through their issues.

It’s Good to Talk | Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 9pm
Martin has decided he will be the one to move out of the Surgery to allow Louisa the space she needs, which Louisa does really appreciate. Louisa is intrigued to meet Martin’s therapist, Dr. Rachel Timoney, but is not quite so happy when Rachel suggests that they should have therapy as a couple, instead of Martin having it on his own.

Education, Education, Education | Thursday, February 25 at 9pm
Louisa and Martin have their first therapy session together – though neither of them was expecting that they would be given homework. Peter Cronk, now 15, approaches Louisa to ask if Martin will allow him to do work experience at the Surgery. Louisa is surprised, and impressed, when Martin agrees to this: perhaps he is learning to change after all.

Control-­‐Alt-­‐Delete | Thursday, March 3 at 9pm
Martin reaches his breaking point with being followed around by Buddy: he resolves to find a vet to have him put down. Morwenna, and eventually Louisa, manage to persuade him that it isn’t quite that simple – a vet will not put down a healthy dog just on Martin’s say-so.

Other People’s Children | Thursday, March 24 at 9pm
Martin and Louisa don’t seem to be having much success with their therapy, so Dr. Timoney advises that they should try and take things back to the beginning of their relationship, and plan a date, and try not to let their busy lives get in the way, even though Louisa is also trying to plan James Henry’s first birthday party.

Facta Non Verba | Thursday, March 31 at 9pm
After Martin and Louisa tell Dr. Timoney about their failed date night, she questions their ultimate compatibility. She asks them if it is time they recognize that perhaps they are not meant to be together: something for them to go and think about.

The Doctor is Out | Thursday, April 7 at 9pm
As we reach the final episode in Series 7, Martin finds himself in a very unusual situation: trapped by Annie Winton, who desperately wants him to try and save her husband, Jim Winton, despite Jim having been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Annie insists that there must be something that Martin can do to help.