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Promote your business through underwriting messages on WOSU TV, 89.7 NPR News, Classical 101 and WOSU’s digital platforms.

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Your support of WOSU Public Media builds a connection with our highly engaged audience. Public media consumers agree that they are more likely to trust a company they hear advertised on public media. Aligning your organization with our audience creates a halo effect that builds brand trust and loyalty, creating a preference for your company.

Program sponsorship provides a brand lift and enhances corporate image with concise sponsorship messages in a high credibility environment. Trust is created with the WOSU audience through your business’ support of a community asset they value.

Our audience is:

  • Educated — They value education, making higher education and lifelong learning a priority.
  • Influential — They drive trends through word of mouth and influence corporate and social networks.
  • Cultural — Passionate about the arts, they support local music, theatre and museums.
  • Community-minded — They participate in community initiatives and are highly active in their neighborhoods.
  • Affluent — With discretionary income, they have strong purchasing power.

For more information, contact Christine Sadic, Corporate Support and Foundation Giving Manager, at 614.247.4469 or

All Sides with Ann Fisher studio during one of its Weekly Reporter Roundtable show.
A video camera captures an interview for WOSU TV's QED with Dr. B.
Classical 101 host Kent Teeters in the Classical 101 studio at the WOSU headquarters

Advertise on WOSU Classical 101

WOSU Public Media’s Classical 101 Network provides central Ohio an escape from the noise of modern life and a sanctuary for those seeking the peace of mind that only classical music can provide.

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A runner holds the WOSU mobile app in her hand.

Advertise On WOSU’s Digital Platforms

WOSU's family of public media brands live online via a website providing marketing opportunities including traditional online advertising, mobile app, streaming broadcast sponsorships, online event sponsorship and e-newsletter advertising.

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