Studio Production

With state-of-the-art facilities at both WOSU@COSI and the Fawcett Center on the campus of Ohio State University, WOSU Productions offers close to 3,000 square feet of combined studio space, full set capabilities, and the latest in production equipment and services.


This state-of-the-art HD facility, located in one of the premiere science centers in the country, is just a block from City Hall and two blocks from the state capital. The production center includes five nonlinear edit suites with shared content storage and a studio that can accommodate 180 people.

Battelle Studio

The Battelle Studio is a 1600 square foot HD studio space which can typically accommodate a medium-sized set, cameras and an audience of 30 to 40 people. Studio includes:

The Studio includes:

  • Five 18 ft. x 14 ft. black velour curtains; 14 ft. tall movable seamless eye curtain
  • Quartz and fluorescent lighting
  • ETC Expression lighting control
  • A 15 foot high lighting grid
  • Six Cameras:
    • Three Sony HDC930 studio cameras with CCU control
    • A studio jib with a Sony HDC930 camera with CCU control
    • Two robotic cameras
  • A six-panel soundproof wall with windows allowing a view from the adjacent exhibit area
  • Sony VPL-FX52 Projector
  • Vinten pedestals with prompters

The Exhibit Area

The Exhibit Area is also a 1600 square foot space which can expand the studio space by moving the six-panel sound wall to a position which separates the combined area from the COSI hallway.

With the addition of the exhibit area, the studio can accommodate up to 180 people seated at rounds or in theatre-style, as well as a set and cameras.

The exhibit area also contains:

  • Two black velour curtains
  • A 20 foot high lighting grid controlled by the studio ETC lighting board
  • Sony VPL-FX52 Projector

The Control Room

The Control Room is located next to the studio, and also has large windows that offer visitors a view from the exhibit area. It features:

  • Video wall comprised of three Barco SXGA 67 inch multi-input displays
  • Evertz MVP multi-display monitoring system
  • DNF ST420 Shot Box
  • Sony 8000 HD video switcher
  • Image Video Tally System
  • Grass Valley Routing system
  • Q-TV Win Cue prompting system
  • Sony BVM “A” broadcast 14 inch multi-format quality control monitor
  • Videotek VTM 4100 Test and Measure Processor
  • Chyron DUET
  • HD/SD single-channel character generator
  • Telex/RTS intercom system with Digital Telephone Interface
  • KRK Series 2 two-way active powered audio monitors
  • Access to Grass Valley K2 and Turbo-1 video servers in the tech core

The Audio Room

The Audio Room features a window into the TV studio and includes:

  • Euphonix Max Air digital audio broadcast production console
  • 360 Systems DigitCart/E
  • Comrex STAC6 multiline on-air call system
  • TASCAM high resolution audio master recorder
  • KRK active nearfield active audio monitors
  • Lectrosonic wireless IFB
  • Telex/RTS intercom system – control panel

Camera Shading Room

The Camera Shading Room is adjacent to the audio room and is accessible to the control room by sliding glass double doors. This room contains:

  • Four Sony HDCU900 CCUs
  • Sony BVM “A” broadcast 14 inch multi-format quality control monitor
  • Tektronix SD/HD waveform monitor
  • Three Telecast SMPTE hybrid elimination devices
  • Two Sony HDCam VTRs with DNF control
  • LCD monitors for cameras, program and router with tally
  • Grass Valley Encore Routing system
  • Telex/RTS intercom system – control panel
  • Access to Grass Valley K2 and Turbo-1 video servers in the tech core
  • Robotic control panel

The Green Room

The Green Room is a comfortable space located a few feet away from the studio and includes
amenities such as:

  • Make-up mirrors and lighting
  • An adjacent kitchen with refrigerator
  • An adjacent rest room

The Ross MediaLab

The Ross MediaLab at WOSU@COSI is an in-house technology training center with six Macs and the latest in media software.

The MediaLab is currently being used as a learning lab for local teens, but it also serves as an ideal location for digital technology training and workshops.


Fawcett Center

The Fawcett Center facilities of WOSU Public Media include two studios on the campus of The Ohio State University. These studios can be a cost-effective production center to accommodate SD or analog broadcasts or High Definition with robotic cameras.

Studio A

Studio A is a 1200 sq. ft. studio space which can typically accommodate a medium-sized set, cameras and an audience of 30 to 40 people. The studio includes:

  • Tall stationary seamless cyc
  • Black velour curtains
  • Movable lighting battens
  • Quartz lighting
  • Leprecon lighting control
  • One camera prompter; other prompter copy viewable on monitors
  • Up to six Sony robotic cameras; three CMOS, three CCD

Studio B

Studio B has 240 sq. ft. of usable studio space which can accommodate a small set, for single or two-person interviews, and a small audience of up to ten people. This space includes:

  • Black velour curtains
  • Fixed lighting battens
  • Quartz lighting
  • The same camera complement as used in Studio A

The Control Room

The Control Room is adjacent to Studio A and has a large window which allows a view of that
studio. Equipment and capabilities of the control room are:

  • Chyron Max character generator – two channel
  • RTS intercom
  • Wireless IFB
  • Gentner on-air telephone call system
  • HD computer imagery available using Sony AnyCast
  • Studer Audio Mixer
  • Audio Booth for announcing and VO
  • 360 audio spot recorder/player
  • Teleprompter
  • Tape Format: Digital Beta, Beta SP, DVcam
  • B/W CRT monitor wall (Preview & Program in color)

Multi-camera Remote Production

  • Two SONY AnyCast units that will allow a very cost-effective multi-camera production
  • Your production can be recorded in High Definition or Standard Definition
  • Each unit has three robotic cameras
  • PowerPoint presentations are easy to add to your production
  • The AnyCast has a video out that can be fed to a video projector