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Local World War II Veteran Remembers D-Day

Wendell Ellenwood poses with his Army picture and several of his medals. They include, clockwise from top left: the French WWII Croix de Guerre, the Army Service Medal, the Bronze Star, the French WWII Croix de Guerre, the WWII Victory Medal,the Air Medal, the Purple Heart, and the Euro-African-Middle East Campaign Medal.
6, 2014

Wendell Ellenwood grew up in southern Ohio and attended Ohio State University before enlisting in the Army. After returning from Europe he earned a Master’s degree, worked for the federal government, and returned home to run the OSU student union for 25 years.

Demjanjuk’s Death Leaves Decades Of Questions Unanswered

Israeli judges hold photos during John Demjanjuk's 1987 trial.
19, 2012

The former Ohio autoworker spent the final third of his life denying charges that he herded thousands of prisoners to their death at a Nazi concentration camp.