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Ohio Contributes To 110,000 New Clean Energy Jobs

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March 8, 2013

A new report out this week says Ohio contributed to the more than 110,000 clean energy jobs created in the U.S. in 2012.

What Energy Source Holds The Most Promise for Ohio?

Posted: September 22, 2011

Governor John Kasich, scientists and business leaders this week have been studying Ohio’s energy future. Right now coal supplies more than 80% of Ohio’s electricity, but many seek alternatives: natural gas, solar, wind. What energy source do you think holds the most promise for Ohio?

Slow Start In Ohio For Wind Generated Electricity

Two of the Bowling Green Wind Turbines
8, 2011

Development of wind energy in Ohio is off to a slow start. Despite efforts to make energy production more sustainable, the state is home to only one utility scale wind farm. A plan for another larger project is being argued in the Ohio Supreme Court.

Storms leave Thousands Without Power in Central Ohio

3, 2010

Thousands of Ohio homes and businesses have no power because of thunderstorms that tore through the state with winds as strong as 75 mph.

Wind Energy Backers Want Tax Breaks

6, 2010

The campaign for more development of wind energy in Ohio was in Columbus. Backers of renewal energy sources went to COSI TO explain why it is critical for Ohio lawmakers to pass tax break legislation for developers.

Ohio Pushes Wind Power on Lake Erie

29, 2010

Ohio officials are pushing plans to get Lake Erie, the shallowest of the Great Lakes, at the forefront of offshore wind power development.

Columbus Nationwide Employees Feel Effects of Windstorm

9, 2009

Winds gusted all afternoon on Wednesday, at times to 50 miles per hour. People in tall buildings likely can feel them sway as skyscrapers are designed to withstand high winds. WOSU’s Mandie Trimble interviewed Liz Christopher, a Nationwide Insurance employee, who on Twitter noted the effects that Wednesday’s windy weather had on the building and her stomach. Click the above player to listen to the interview.

Wind Storm Worst Since 1974

7, 2008

We now have an estimate of storm damage from the 70 mile an hour winds that pummeled Ohio September 14th.

Efforts Underway to Gain Additional Emergency Assistance

September 22, 2008

Franklin County is one of dozens of counties in Ohio still working on debris clean up more than a week after the record-setting winds of September 14th.

Windstorm Leaves Extensive Tree Damage at Great Circle Mound

September 18, 2008

Officials with the Ohio Historical Society say the Great Circle Earthworks in Newark suffered the greatest tree damage of the society’s 75 sites statewide.