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Bill Would Ban State Health Plans From Covering Some Birth Control

Democratic State Representative John Carney says the proposal shows how "out of touch" some state lawmakers are.
6, 2014

There’s a bill under consideration in the Ohio legislature that would ban the health care plans for state employees from covering many birth control pills and inner-uterine devices.

Singer Pushes Lawmakers To Make “Ohio” State Country Song

Zach Paxson is a singer and songwriter from northeast Ohio. And he’s on a campaign of his own, for his song “Ohio”.
May 15, 2014

A northeast Ohio man is hitting the campaign trail to promote a cause that’s very personal to him: enshrining into state law a song he wrote about his home state.

Alt. Energy Advocates Push To Kill “Standards Freeze” Bill

Dan Litchfield, who represents several wind farms, told lawmakers "The law as written certainly encourages others...gives us more of a market to compete into. It certainly would increase the likelihood that projects go forward and the investments happen.”
5, 2014

Many advocates and interest groups are lining up to voice their opinions on a bill that would drastically change Ohio’s energy landscape.

E-Cig Ban For Minors Clears Legislature Despite Objections

More than two dozen Democrats in the House voted against the bill, saying it didn’t go far enough.
14, 2014

State lawmakers have approved a ban on electronic cigarettes for Ohio minors, but not without the objection of many Democrats, who say the ban doesn’t go far enough.

Senate Leaders Look Ahead For 2014

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13, 2014

Lawmakers are back for the second year of the legislature’s two year session. And while they passed nearly 60 bills last year, there are hundreds more bills that have been introduced.

Ohio GOP Leaders Push For Federal Balanced Budget Amendment

The resolution passed in Ohio, which is similar to ones passed in 19 other states, calls for Congress to come up with an amendment requiring a balanced federal budget, or to allow the states to convene a Constitutional convention.
26, 2013

Ohio leaders left the Statehouse Monday to travel west to Lima to to sign a resolution calling for a federal balanced budget amendment.

“Stand Your Ground” Passes House Despite Debate And Protests

Protesters chanted and hung a banner that was quickly torn down by security.
21, 2013

A measure that’s called Ohio’s version of “stand your ground” has passed the Ohio House, after two hours of passionate arguments and a mid-debate protest.

Committee Studying Constitution Considers Redistricting

Advocates for redistricting reform say the state's latest congressional district map shows the system is broken.
November 18, 2013

A panel of lawmakers and private citizens that will be asked to recommend changes to Ohio’s Constitution is looking at the way the lines for legislative and congressional districts are drawn.

Educators Already Want Changes To Teachers Evaluations

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13, 2013

Educators are pushing for tweaks to a new system for evaluation Ohio teachers.

Pets Could Be Included In Domestic Violence Protection Orders

The bill's sponsor says people have emotional attachments to their pets and sometimes remain in dangerous situations because they don't want to leave them behind.
24, 2013

The sponsor of a bill in the Ohio Senate says people sometimes remain in dangerous situations because they don’t want to leave their pets behind.