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Bill Would Ban State Health Plans From Covering Some Birth Control

Democratic State Representative John Carney says the proposal shows how "out of touch" some state lawmakers are.
6, 2014

There’s a bill under consideration in the Ohio legislature that would ban the health care plans for state employees from covering many birth control pills and inner-uterine devices.

Ohio Lawmaker Urges Passage Of Headlight Flashing Bill

A Republican lawmaker want the Ohio legislature to consider a bill allowing drivers to flash headlights to warn of police presence on roadways.
4, 2014

Drivers might be surprised to hear that the ordinary action of flashing their headlights on the road could be considered illegal. Now, one lawmaker wants to clear the confusion.

Bill Would Allow Execution For Violent Sexual Assault

Republican State Rep. John Becker says six other states already have a similar law in place.
August 28, 2013

A proposal to allow the death penalty people with multiple convictions of violent sexual assault goes against the recommendations of a task force studying Ohio’s execution policies.