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Ohio Lawmakers Work To Freeze State’s Energy Efficiency Standards

Ohio House gets its turn on whether to overhaul Ohio’s energy policies.
8, 2014

A measure to overhaul Ohio’s energy policies is on its way to the House after the Senate held an early morning vote Thursday.

Ohio Group Holds Out Hope For Thorium Energy

This schematic from 1969 represents the state of the art Thorium molten salt reactor design. Engineers at Oak Ridge Labs developed the technology then abandoned it in favor of the more familiar Uranium fueled light water reactors.
31, 2014

A group in Northeast Ohio is promoting an alternative form of atomic power that they say promises safer and cheaper nuclear reactors: Thorium. But critics say its time as a viable energy source has passed.

Ohio Senate Delays Vote On Bill To Weaken Renewable Energy Rules

The proposal would let electric companies use some projects involving fossil fuels to help satisfy renewable energy mandates from the state.
5, 2013

A proposal to adjust Ohio’s renewable energy and efficiency mandates has stalled for a second time amid opposition from environmental and consumer interests and some majority Republican lawmakers.

Wright Patterson AFB Looking To Privatize Utilities

wright patterson
Wright Patterson AFB is expected to privatize more energy and utility operations due to federal budget cuts.
3, 2013

Ohio’s largest military base is expected to privatize more energy and utility operations as it tries to offset steep cuts in the federal defense budget.

Former Energy Secretary Calls For Natural Gas and Wind Energy

Former head of the U.S. Energy Dept, Steven Chu talks about energy sources like natural gas and windmills.
18, 2013

A large group of energy insiders gathered in Columbus to learn more about the advances in natural gas. The keynote speaker was former U.S. energy secretary Steven Chu.

Drilling Rules Expected To Clear Legislature, Head To Governor

The shaded areas show the extent of shale formations that geologists say are trapping massive deposits of oil and natural gas.
May 24, 2012

Rules regulating oil and gas well construction, water handling, and chemical disclosure are expected to clear their final legislative hurdles Thursday and head to Gov. John Kasich for his expected signature.

President Obama Touts “All Of The Above” Energy Plan At OSU

Barack Obama
File photo
22, 2012

President Obama ended his four-state energy tour at Ohio State late Thursday afternoon. WOSU reports Mr. Obama touted an “all of the above” energy plan.

President Obama To Visit Ohio State About Energy Plan

Barack Obama
File photo
22, 2012

In the last stop of a four-state stop, President Obama on Thursday will visit Ohio State University, where he’s expected to talk about his energy policy.

Ohio Statehouse Going Green With Car Charging Stations

Ohio Statehouse
Ohio Statehouse To Add Charging Stations For Cars.
30, 2011

The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus is adding six charging stations for electric vehicles at its parking garage.

What Energy Source Holds The Most Promise for Ohio?

Posted: September 22, 2011

Governor John Kasich, scientists and business leaders this week have been studying Ohio’s energy future. Right now coal supplies more than 80% of Ohio’s electricity, but many seek alternatives: natural gas, solar, wind. What energy source do you think holds the most promise for Ohio?