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Columbus Submits 2016 Democratic Convention Bid

Columbus skyline
Columbus tosses hat into ring to host 2016 Democratic National Convention
7, 2014

Columbus has submitted its bid to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Columbus Submits 2016 Democratic Convention Bid

The city of Columbus submitted its official bid Friday to host the 2016 Democratic Presidential Convention.
June 6, 2014

Columbus has submitted its bid to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

In-State Ohio State University Students Spared Tuition Increase

Ohio State freezes in-state tuition for the coming academic year
June 6, 2014

Ohio residents attending Ohio State University won’t see an increase in tuition this fall from the previous year. The university’s board of trustees voted unanimously Friday to freeze tuition at current levels for in-state students. Non-resident students will see a 5 percent increase in tuition. All students will pay slightly higher room and board fees [...]

Ohio Senate Leader: Traffic Cameras Need Regulation

Red light camera
Ohio Senate President Keith Faber says red-light cameras may need more regulation.
5, 2014

The Ohio Senate’s leader says many in his Republican majority believe traffic cameras should be regulated and the issue could see action before the end of the year.

Downtown Zoo Project Officially Cancelled After Zoo Levy Failed

Columbus Zoo Gate
Columbus Zoo officials now say they don't support a downtown location nor a large zoo tax levy.
5, 2014

Columbus Zoo officials say they don’t want a downtown zoo anymore and will not seek a large permanent tax levy like the one that went down in defeat last month.

New Carbon Emission Rules Add To Legacy Of Clean Air Act

Conesville Smokestacks
Proposed rules on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants will affect utilities in Ohio.
5, 2014

This week’s release of proposed rules to control carbon dioxide emissions has created quite a stir in Ohio which produces and uses a lot of coal. But clean air regulation is nothing new to Ohio . The new proposal is just the latest in decades of efforts to improve the environment.

Organic Lawn Care A Growing Trend In Central Ohio

Many homeowners are switching to organic lawn care.
5, 2014

Once only used by a select few environmentally-conscious homeowners, organic lawn care is becoming mainstream. Organic signs are popping up on people’s lawns all over Central Ohio. Even name brand fertilizer companies are embracing the trend.

Ohio Midterm Budget Bill Set To Get Final Votes

ohio statehouse 2
Members of both the Ohio House and Senate are poised to vote on Governor Kasich's mid-year budget.
4, 2014

The governor’s sweeping midterm budget bill is slated for final votes in the state Senate and House Wednesday.

Ohio Honey Bee Industry Struggles After Long Winter

crawford bees
David Crawford examines a hive of his bees in Circleville, Ohio.
3, 2014

This past winter’s polar vortex did a number on agriculture. Crops and trees suffered damage. Hit hard were bees, which were already struggling with other problems. Some Ohio beekeepers lost nearly all of their stock, and the loss reaches far beyond the bee hive.

Jury Selection For Benjamin Suarez Trial Underway

Scales of Justice
Jury selection is underway in the trial of Benjamin Suarez in Northeast Ohio. Suarez is accused of illegally contributing to the political campaigns of two Republican politicians.
2, 2014

Jury selection is underway in the trial of a northeast Ohio businessman accused of funneling illegal campaign contributions to two Republican candidates.