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New Research In Ohio Labs Brings Star Trek Technology To Life

#37 K-2 smokes & gifts
Synthetic marijuana, known as "K2" and "Spice," had been readily available at head shops, gas stations, and convenience stores.
9, 2014

Ohio is emerging as a global center of research in a branch of physics that’s stymied scientists for decades. It’s called Terahertz radiation, a band of light waves with potential uses that range from detecting cancer to uncovering art forgeries.

Ohio Honey Bee Industry Struggles After Long Winter

crawford bees
David Crawford examines a hive of his bees in Circleville, Ohio.
3, 2014

This past winter’s polar vortex did a number on agriculture. Crops and trees suffered damage. Hit hard were bees, which were already struggling with other problems. Some Ohio beekeepers lost nearly all of their stock, and the loss reaches far beyond the bee hive.

Ohio Bill Curbing Carbon-Rule Impact Advances

File photo
2, 2014

Ohio lawmakers are expected to take swift action on legislation intended to limit the impact of federal plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 30 percent by 2030.

Central Ohio Planners Spend $1.4M On Climate Change Study

Findlay Floods
A flooded Findlay, Ohio neighborhood on August 22, 2007.
27, 2014

Central Ohio government planners are spending more than a million dollars to study the possible impact of climate change on the region’s water supply. The expenditure comes as researchers and local government officials pay closer attention to volatile weather.

Clear Skies Perfect For Meteor Shower Viewing

Experts say the shower should peak from around 2 a.m. until nearly dawn Saturday.
23, 2014

Clear skies predicted for much of Ohio should make for prime viewing for a meteor shower early Saturday.

Heart of Africa Opens At Columbus Zoo

A giraffe gets up close with visitors to the new Heart of Africa exhibit at the Columbus Zoo. After years of planning, the zoo opened the $30 million exhibition to the public Thursday morning.
22, 2014

The Columbus Zoo opened its Heart of Africa exhibit to the public, Thursday morning, after years of planning.

Experts, Lawmakers At Odds Over New Powerful Painkillers

Critics say, with a prescription opiate and heroin epidemic, more drugs are unnecessary in a market they say is saturated with pain pills.
13, 2014

New powerful pain medications are drawing criticism from addiction stoppers. Ohio lawmakers are considering banning one of the drugs as the state copes with pain killer addiction. WOSU takes a look at how lawmakers, the courts and doctors are trying to balance pain relief with addiction prevention.

Retired OSU Professor Works To Preserve Genetically Superior Trees

OSU Professor Emeritus Daniel Struve checks on buckeye seedlings
25, 2014

Daniel Struve may have retired from teaching horticulture but by no means has he given up his horticultural practice. He’s still working to grow genetically superior trees from seeds.

A Balloon, A Camera And Its Four-Month Journey To West Virginia

red balloon
A balloon and a camera make their way to West Virginia.
April 18, 2014

A balloon and a camera make their way to West Virginia.

Ohio Homeland Security Unveils Phone Safety App

WOSU Archive
April 12, 2014

Ohioans can now report suspicious activity to the state’s Homeland Security agency with a new app that can be downloaded on mobile devices.