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Commentary: Columbus Food Trucks — Too Much Of A Good Thing?

The food truck Ajumama serves several different kinds of authentic Korean street food. Ajumama is one of the many food trucks found at the Dinin' Hall in Franklinton.
20, 2012

Food trucks are a symbol of diversity and the entrepreneurial spirit. But WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock wonders if we in Columbus are seeing too much of a good thing.

OSU To Ask For Tuition Hike

OSU proposes a 3.5 percent tuition increase.
23, 2012

Ohio State officials want a tuition hike for the next academic year.

Memorial Day – A Time To Remember In The North And South

Camp Chase Graves
Camp Chase honors Confederate soldiers each June.
22, 2012

This weekend Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. WOSU Commentator and local historian Ed Lentz traces the story of the final Monday in May.

Commentary: End Of Horse Racing Offers Grove City Options

grove city
Grove City
May 16, 2012

In March Penn National Gaming announced plans to move Grove City’s Beulah Park horse racing to Youngstown. The move will reduce competition for Penn National’s West-side casino project. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock says the decision to move the horse track affects more than just the casino.

Sexual Orientation Is No Big Deal In Gay Rugby League

Igrab rugby game
The Columbus Coyotes take on Marion in a rugby match.
9, 2012

Controversies over diversity continue. This spring has seen protests over the absence of women members at the Master’s Augusta National Golf Club and more recently the furor over a the dismissal of an Ohio Cub Scout leader because she’s a lesbian. WOSU Commentator Andrew Miller says he’s found a Central Ohio group where diversity is a non-issue.

Columbus Cuban-American: Ozzie Guillen Reopened Old Wounds

Columbus Attorney and Cuban American Joseph Mas returns to Havana to attend a Papal mass.
19, 2012

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen’s admiration of Fidel Castro infuriated South Florida’s Cuban Americans and left many outside Miami wondering how an off-hand remark can cause outrage 50 years after the Cuban revolution. A central Ohio Cuban American helps us understand the controversy.

Unlikely “Running Mates” – Kasich and Obama

With an expanding lead, speculation has turned to Mitt Romney's possible "running mate," an unlikely due, Gov. Kasich and President Obama, may have something in common this upcoming election.
9, 2012

With the GOP nomination apparently in hand, speculation will turn to who Mitt Romney will choose as his running mate. WOSU Commentator Bill Hershey says as far as Ohio is concerned Barak Obama’s “running mate” may not be who you’d think.

Guys – Get Over It. Get Tested.

The blue ribbon promotes prostate cancer awareness.
April 3, 2012

The billboards and PSA’s say it over and over again – a few minutes of embarrassment can save your life – get a cancer screening. WOSU Commentator Michael Ivey says take it from him, the embarrassment is worth it.

Commentary: Higher Education Is A Choice, Not A Right

OSU students rally on the oval.
14, 2012

Recently Ohio State University students and others held an occupy Wall Street type protest on the Oval. WOSU Commentator Stacia Kock says the “Occupy the Oval” anger was a little misplaced.

Like Spring Flowers, Presidential Candidates Arrive Early to Ohio

Mitt Romney with voter
GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney greets a voter.
March 1, 2012

Ohio primary voters could help settle the Republican race for president next week. WOSU Commentator Bill Hershey says that’s a rare occurrence for the Buckeye State.