Columbus Zoo Levy: Governance

Columbus Zoo Gate
The front gate of the Columbus Zoo.
28, 2014

The Columbus Zoo’s request for a large and permanent property tax increase has prompted a closer look at how it’s run. The zoo is funded through a mix of tax dollars, private donations, admission fees and concessions revenue.

Jackets Fans Wait For ‘Last-Minute’ Tickets

Blue Jackets
Blue Jackets fans arrived at Nationwide Arena at 6 a.m. for last-minute tickets for the third game in the first round of the playoff series. Some fans in line played cards, listened to music or read to pass the time.
21, 2014

The Blue Jackets host Pittsburgh, Monday, at Nationwide Arena in game three of the first round play-off series. Die-hard fans began to line up at the arena shortly before 6 a.m. for last-minute tickets that go on-sale at 5 o’clock.

Student Drivers Learn To Co-Exist With Cyclists

bike story
Anthony Thomas teaches a "share the road" class at the Columbus Driving Academy in Reynoldsburg. The state, in recent years, has included more information about bicyclists in the curriculum guidelines.
17, 2014

With more bicyclists on the road, drivers have to learn to share. While fewer cyclists were hurt on Ohio roads last year, fatalities ticked up slightly. Ohio driver’s ed instruction has been slow to keep up with the rising number of bicycle commuters. But student drivers are learning more than ever about how to co-exist with cyclists.

Police Investigate Nude Pictures Of Teens

Instragram logo
April 10, 2014

Central Ohio police are investigating nude photos of underage teens which have shown up on a social media site. WOSU reports investigators are being tight-lipped about the case.

High-End, On-Demand Car Service Company Gets Sued

Last month, Uber began to offer UberX in Columbus, a less expensive option than its black car service. But city officials have sued UberX, citing unlicensed drivers and vehicles.
9, 2014

The city of Columbus has filed a lawsuit suit against an upscale car service that recently began to operate in the area. WOSU reports the city wants a judge to grant a temporary restraining order against a branch of Uber to keep it from operating in the city.

City Inspectors Identify More Neighborhoods With Rat Problems

Columbus inspectors say they've found evidence of a rat problem in several neighborhoods around the city.
7, 2014

Rats became quite a problem in Clintonville during the last year. But with a few easy changes, the issue appears to be under control. City inspectors discovered Clintonville is not the only area with a rodent problem. WOSU reports on some other Columbus neighborhoods where rats are rife.

Columbus Police To Review 3,000 DNA Test Results

Columbus Police Chief Kimberly Jacobs
March 26, 2014

Columbus Police are going through several thousand old DNA cases because reporting procedures were not followed. Critical information was left out of the DNA reports.

Fired Columbus Principals’ Pre-Trial Hearing Set For June

Tiffany Chavers, principal at Linden-McKinley STEM Academy, and Pamela Diggs, principal at Marion Franklin High School, filed a lawsuit against Columbus City Schools. An attorney for the women says it could be next year before the case goes to trial.
March 25, 2014

It could be next year before a lawsuit filed, last week, by two fired Columbus City Schools principals goes to trial.

OH Education Dept.: Safeguards In Place To Prevent Test Tampering

Ohio third graders soon will take the state reading test. Many of them risk being held back. High-stakes tests have caused some educators across the country to cheat on exams, but Ohio officials say it has safeguards to prevent it.
21, 2014

Ohio third-graders are gearing up to take a reading test that could determine whether they are promoted or held back. In some states, high-stakes testing has driven educators to do the unthinkable: cheat. WOSU reports safeguards are in place in Ohio to lessen the chance of a standardized testing scandal.