Ohio Honey Bee Industry Struggles After Long Winter

crawford bees
David Crawford examines a hive of his bees in Circleville, Ohio.
3, 2014

This past winter’s polar vortex did a number on agriculture. Crops and trees suffered damage. Hit hard were bees, which were already struggling with other problems. Some Ohio beekeepers lost nearly all of their stock, and the loss reaches far beyond the bee hive.

Ohio’s Black Infant Mortality Rate Second Worst In U.S.

Infant Mortality
Dr. Patricia Gabbe (right) founded Moms2B, a support group that connects disadvantaged pregnant women with social services. Amber Broadus was one of the first women in the program.
29, 2014

Ohio’s African American mortality rate is the second worst in the country. And in some of Columbus’ poor, black communities, the numbers are the same as rates in third world countries.

Heart of Africa Opens At Columbus Zoo

A giraffe gets up close with visitors to the new Heart of Africa exhibit at the Columbus Zoo. After years of planning, the zoo opened the $30 million exhibition to the public Thursday morning.
22, 2014

The Columbus Zoo opened its Heart of Africa exhibit to the public, Thursday morning, after years of planning.

Health Expert: Local Mumps Outbreak Could Have Global Effect

Columbus Public Health officials plan to ramp up a mumps immunization campaign this summer. Health Commissioner Dr. Theresa Long said the central Ohio outbreak could spread to other parts of the country.
20, 2014

Health experts say the central Ohio mumps outbreak has the potential to extend far beyond Ohio’s borders.

Ohio Craft Brewers Face Possible Hops Shortage

Columbus Brewing Company workers bottle IPA. Craft brewers face a shortage of hops which stems, in part, from the industry's own success.
19, 2014

Ohio’s craft beer business is hopping, and so is the demand for hops. However, some brewers are concerned that they could soon be tough to get. Anticipating a shortage, some Ohio farmers have begun to grow hops. This could be a solution for local brewers as larger companies could soon be increasing their hops usage.

Experts, Lawmakers At Odds Over New Powerful Painkillers

Critics say, with a prescription opiate and heroin epidemic, more drugs are unnecessary in a market they say is saturated with pain pills.
13, 2014

New powerful pain medications are drawing criticism from addiction stoppers. Ohio lawmakers are considering banning one of the drugs as the state copes with pain killer addiction. WOSU takes a look at how lawmakers, the courts and doctors are trying to balance pain relief with addiction prevention.

Voters Emphatically Reject Columbus Zoo Levy

Jack Hanna
Columbus Zoo Emeritus Director, Jack Hanna, addresses zoo levy supporters as early results showed the proposed tax levy was headed for defeat
7, 2014

For the first time, Franklin County voters overwhelmingly rejected a tax levy request from the Columbus Zoo levy. The high-profile campaign featured Jack Hanna, popular zoo animals and for the first time, organized opposition. As WOSU reports, the zoo levy request turned on pocket-book issues.

OH Commission To Hear False-Statements Claim Against Zoo Opponent

Columbus Zoo Gate
The State Elections Commission is set to hear a false-statements complaint against a Columbus Zoo levy opposition group Monday.
30, 2014

The Ohio Elections Commission is expected to hear a complaint filed against a Columbus Zoo levy opposition group. A panel made the recommendation this afternoon.

Columbus Zoo Levy: What Exactly Is It?

The front-entrance sign of the Columbus Zoo.
28, 2014

The Columbus Zoo levy is up for renewal, and for the first time in recent memory it has organized opposition as some balk at the size of the increase and its permanence.