Ohio Companies Banking On Exports Program

Kimberly Ullner founded her specialty food company, 1-2-3 Gluten Free, eight years ago. She’s since seen interest in gluten-free products flourish, and now wants to move into markets including Europe, South America, and the Middle East.
13, 2012

Some Ohio businesses are pinning their hopes to a new federal program that matches companies with potential partners overseas.

Buyer Of Voter Billboards Outed, Calls Them Public Service Effort

Billboards like this one on W. Broad St. in Columbus were up for only a few days before Clear Channel Outdoor said they violated the company's policy against anonymous political messages.
30, 2012

A Wisconsin news organization and an advocacy group identified Stephen and Nancy Einhorn as the billboard buyers. The venture capitalist and Tea Party supporter now say they placed the billboards as a public service.

Controversial Billboards Coming Down, Counter Message Going Up

Most of the original billboards (top) were placed in low-income, minority neighborhoods, and their placement – and timing – spurred critics to decry them as voter suppression tools, designed to scare away Latinos, African-Americans, and ex-felons from the polls come Election Day.
22, 2012

Clear Channel Outdoor says it’s tearing down 145 controversial billboards in Columbus, Cleveland and Milwaukee. The advertising giant has agreed to put up several billboards with a counter-message.

Fact-Check: Can Fracking Cause Earthquakes?

fracking well
Drilling rigs like this one have popped up around Ohio and other parts of the country since the advent of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking."
27, 2012

The finding that a frack-water disposal well contributed to a series of earthquakes in northeast Ohio rattled many residents’ comfort with the industry, which is on the cusp of enormous growth across Northeast Ohio. But are the fears justified?

Lawmakers, Gas Drilling Companies Meet About Earthquakes

One of the may natural gas drilling wells that have sprung up around the Great Lakes region in recent years.
18, 2012

A state lawmaker called the meeting a continuation of the industry’s “public relations campaign.”

Ohio Vies For “Cracker” Plant

An ethylene cracking plant in Singapore.
9, 2012

“Cracking” plants process oil and natural gas into chemicals used to make things like plastic bags and antifreeze.

Religious conservatives gear up for election

11, 2007

Religious conservatives in Ohio are credited with helping President George W. Bush swing the key voting state in 2000 and 2004. And despite setbacks in 2006, when Democrats won many key state seats, Ohio’s Christian Evangelical movement is gearing up for 2008.

Mainstream banks get into check cashing business

17, 2007

Check Cashing was once relegated to stores that charged people without bank accounts top dollar to convert their paychecks into cash. Now a growing number of banks – and Walmart – are cashing in on the business.