State Considers “Certifying” Farmers To Cut Algae Blooms

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27, 2013

Algae blooms are a big problem on Ohio’s lakes: they’re toxic and can have a big impact on tourism. Now state lawmakers are looking at “certifying” farmers as one way to tone it down.

Youngstown Looks To “Frackmolishing” To Rebuild

It's been more than a decade since officials in Youngstown announced a plan to tear down swaths of the city that have been largely abandoned.
4, 2012

Officials in the Northeast Ohio want to lease out vacant city land to drilling companies, then use the revenue to fund further demolition and rebuilding efforts.

Schools, State Leaders Getting In On Ohio Gas Boom

One of the many natural gas pumps that have sprung up around Ohio in recent years.
6, 2012

So far, fracking in Ohio has been largely seen as an “out-in-the-country” thing: in farmer’s fields and on wooded hill tops. But drilling rigs are beginning to pop up in some unexpected places.

Ohio Expected To Get More “Fracking” Wells

Protests like this one in Manhattan have popped up around the Midwest and Great Lakes region.
5, 2011

The process that’s led to a modern-day gas boom in Ohio and other states is raising concerns over what happens with leftover waste water.

Ex-Ohio Congressman Freed from Prison

2, 2009

Seven years in federal prison is ending for a former Northeast Ohio Congressman famous for his rough and tumble style, even more tumbled toupee, and for being only the second member expelled from the House of Representatives since the Civil War.

Hundreds Of Iraq’s Brightest To Attend College In Ohio

27, 2009

Ohio has a deal with Iraq. Planners for the state’s higher education system say a key to making it better is to make it more international, and Ohio Chancellor Eric Fingerhut signed an agreement in Washington for Ohio colleges and universities to host hundreds, and perhaps eventually thousands of Iraqi students.