Ohio Near Bottom For African American High School Grad Rates

School Books Stacked
Ohio's high school graduation rate for African American students stands near the bottom.
28, 2012

New data from the federal government puts Ohio in the middle of the pack when it comes to high school graduation rates. However, a demographic breakdown of the data shows Ohio is failing certain populations.

Honda Responds To New Entries In Midsize Sedans

Honda associate Jeff Tomko walks alongside assembly line at Honda's Marysville plant
28, 2012

30 years ago this month, Honda became the first Japanese auto-maker to start production on U.S. soil. Its conversion of an Ohio cornfield into a factory chugging out waves of Honda Accords was seen as both revolutionary and foolhardy. Honda has survived and prospered, but lately it has come under increasing pressure in a tightening race for the top slot in midsize sedans.

Diebold Delays Global Headquarters in NE Ohio

Diebold announces plan to delay world headquarters; shed jobs.
25, 2012

Diebold – maker of ATMs and voting machines – says it’s “indefinitely” holding off on plans to build a new global headquarters in the Summit County city of Green.

Ohio Reaps Benefits From Food-Based Manufacturing

Nestle chef Mark Morton developing recipes at the company’s test kitchens in Solon, OH.
17, 2012

American farmers earned more income last year than ever. And Ohio is among the states at the center of the food boom that incorporates not just farming but food processing and manufacturing.

“Med Home” Health Care Model Promises Coordinated Care

Filling out medical paperwork and keeping track of appointments can be confusing. "Med Home" care tries to ease the burden with a "care coordinator."
31, 2011

A lack of coordination is a continuing criticism of the health care industry. A new model emerging in Ohio and around the country uses a “care coordinator.”

AFL-CIO Rallies Against Issue 2

6, 2011

Members of the Cincinnati AFL-CIO used yesterday’s Labor Day holiday to rally opposition to Issue 2, the fall referendum on Senate Bill 5 where a “no” vote means repealing the law.

Ohioans Mixed About Economy’s Future

1, 2010

In April, more than 37,000 jobs were created in Ohio – which led the nation. But Ohio’s unemployment rate is still at a 25 year high. And a recent report by the Ohio Supreme Court showed new foreclosures were nine percent higher than the same period last year. Reporters from public radio stations around the state hit the streets to ask Ohioans to describe their feelings about the economy now and looking forward. Click on the listen bar to hear the report.

Ohio Voters Approve Casinos and Two Other State Issues

4, 2009

Ohio voters Tuesday settled questions about casinos, livestock and veteran bonuses. While a proposal to allow a casino in Columbus and three other cities was rejected in Franklin, Issue three proved popular in other regions of the state and won an endorsement from voters.

Columbus Joins Nation For Inaugural Watch.

20, 2009

Columbus today , with the rest of the nation, will mark the inauguration of Barack Obama with luncheons, viewing parties, and evening balls. Festivities get underway late this morning as four movie theatres in town, several campus locations and the King Arts Complex on Mount Vernon Avenue will all host visitors who want to watch the swearing-in at noon.