Ohio Group Holds Out Hope For Thorium Energy

This schematic from 1969 represents the state of the art Thorium molten salt reactor design. Engineers at Oak Ridge Labs developed the technology then abandoned it in favor of the more familiar Uranium fueled light water reactors.
31, 2014

A group in Northeast Ohio is promoting an alternative form of atomic power that they say promises safer and cheaper nuclear reactors: Thorium. But critics say its time as a viable energy source has passed.

Ohio EPA Chief Says Pressure From Coal Industry Forced Resignation

George Elmaraghy has been with the Ohio EPA for 38 years. He says he was forced to resign because of pressure from the coal industry.
August 20, 2013

George Elmaraghy from the Ohio EPA’s Division of Surface Water says he was pushed to resign by Gov. Kasich and EPA Director Scott Nally because of “considerable pressure from the coal companies.”

Death Penalty Panel: Save Punishment For Worst Of The Worst

File photo
8, 2013

A task force reviewing Ohio’s death penalty law recommends narrowing the number of crimes that qualify for capital punishment.