Lawmakers Weigh “Stand Your Ground” In Ohio

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30, 2013

Supporters say it’s different from the controversial Florida law, but critics say it’s still unnecessary.

Voter Frustration Fuels Partisan Cycle

Advocates for redistricting reform say the state's latest congressional maps shows the system is broken.
October 9, 2013

Many activists and politicians say Ohio’s process for drawing congressional and legislative districts fuels the partisan fire. But they says it’s hard to get the public’s interest.

Doctors, Women’s Groups Lead Protest Against Abortion Laws

Doctors were among the hundreds of people who rallied outside the Statehouse Wednesday against new Ohio abortion laws.
3, 2013

Opponents of new laws restricting abortion in Ohio took their message back to the Ohio Statehouse Wednesday. But supporters of those new laws say they’re here to stay.

Governor John Kasich Can Expand Medicaid Without Lawmakers OK

Leaders of several faiths gathered in the Ohio Statehouse this past summer to endorse Gov. John Kasich's budget, which includes an expansion of Ohio's Medicaid program.
1, 2013

Today, Ohioans can sign up on the new marketplace for health insurance called exchanges. But thousands of low income Ohioans would be eligible for Medicaid coverage instead if the state were to expand the program. Governor Kasich wants expansion. The legislature has, so far, not taken action.

Medicaid Expansion Plan “B” Includes Ohio Voters

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Ohio Medicaid expansion is tied up in political fight.
5, 2013

Backers of Medicaid expansion are taking their fight to a new level. Those who want the state to extend health care coverage to low income Ohioans are preparing for a ballot issue if necessary.

Lawmakers, Immigrant Advocates Spar Over Tuition Bill

The bill would ban the state from offering in-state tuition prices to young immigrant living under temporary legal status in the U.S.
August 23, 2013

Many immigration activists are denouncing an effort to repeal a state policy that grants in-state tuition prices to some young immigrants.

Bill Would Force Ohio Cities To Balance Budgets

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15, 2013

A new bill at the Statehouse would mandate cities and townships to balance their budgets and maintain fully- funded municipal pension plans.

Fitzgerald Calls For Ethics Review Of JobsOhio

Dem. Ed Fitzgerald is pushing the Ohio Ethics Board to investigate JobsOhio for possible wrong-doing.
2, 2013

An investigative report showing two-thirds of the board members for JobsOhio close ties to companies receiving benefits from the job program is getting the attention of a key candidate for governor.

ODOT Lays Out $3 Billion In Contracts

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July 26, 2013

The Ohio Department of Transportation has released a draft transportation plan for new projects in early every part of the state.