What Part of Illegal Don’t You Understand?

18, 2011

I’ve always been morbidly fascinated by people whose take on illegal immigration boils down to what part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand?

End of DREAM Act Will Hurt US in Long Run

21, 2010

The US Senate has failed to approve a bill aimed at giving young immigrants a path to citizenship. WOSU Commentator Andrew Grant Thomas says it will hurt us in the long run.

Imagine a Brighter Racial Future

16, 2010

Many people expected great improvement in race relations in this country after Barack Obama’s election to the presidency in 2008. But WOSU commentator Andrew Grant Thomas says , despite the election of the nation’s first African-American leader, we still have a way to go in our journey toward a color-blind America.

Immigration Uproar – How Did We Get Here

7, 2010

The fight over immigration reform continues. The US Justice Department this week challenged Arizona’s new tough immigration law. Recent Polls show while Ohioans support immigration reform, many also would support an Arizona – style crackdown here. WOSU Commentator Andrew Grant Thomas wonders how we got here.

Health Care Reform – One Step in Long Stairway

27, 2010

Central Ohioans and Americans soon will be taking advantage of the health care reform law. Young adults will be able to enroll in their parents plans; Lifetime caps on benefits will disappear. Other changes occur in the coming years. WOSU Commentator Andrew Grant Thomas says while the new law is good, it’s only one step in improving our health.

Obama Needs to Lead All Americans

24, 2010

A Quinnipiac University Poll finds that more than half of Ohioans disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president. President Obama came into office last year with high expectations. As WOSU Commentator Andrew Grant Thomas says, those expectations were especially high among African Americans.

Clemency – An Important Justice Tool

3, 2009

Clemency decisions by governors have been in the news a lot lately. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has drawn criticism for granting clemency for the man later accused of killing four police officers in Washington state. Here in Ohio, recent clemency decisions have drawn fire. WOSU Commentator Andrew Grant Thomas argues clemency is an important part of the justice system.

Keep The Somali Experience in Context

28, 2009

We see them everyday – the tens of thousands of Somali immigrants who now call Central Ohio home. But we often forget or don’t really know what they have been through. WOSU Commentator Andrew Grant Thomas reminds us.

Racial Profiling Goes Deeper Than Gates Case

30, 2009

Much has been made of the arrest of an African American Harvard Professor. President Obama first said the officer acted stupidly, then shared a beer with him and the professor. WOSU commentator Andrew Grant Thomas says the problem of racial profiling is much deeper than presidential politics and a glass of suds.