Ohio Lawmaker Fights For Larger Minimum Wage Hike

dollar bills_05_20_14
Ohio lawmaker wants to hike the state's minimum wage by more than two dollars an hour.
20, 2014

An Ohio Democratic lawmaker wants to hike Ohio’s minimum wage by more than two dollars.

Kasich Stresses “Important Movement” In GOP Dinner

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour was the keynote speaker, but it was Gov John Kasich who perhaps painted the clearest picture on why he thinks Republicans need to get out the vote.
May 12, 2014

Hundreds of Ohio GOP leaders gathered in Columbus over the weekend for the Party’s annual state dinner, where Gov. John Kasich talked about the importance of the November election.

Ohio Lawmakers Work To Freeze State’s Energy Efficiency Standards

Ohio House gets its turn on whether to overhaul Ohio’s energy policies.
8, 2014

A measure to overhaul Ohio’s energy policies is on its way to the House after the Senate held an early morning vote Thursday.

Ohio Students Buckle Down For Key Standardized Tests

Districts around the state are preparing to administer the assessments completely online.
6, 2014

Through May 16, schools around the state will be testing their students using the Ohio Achievement Assessment, also known as the OAA’s.

Alt. Energy Advocates Push To Kill “Standards Freeze” Bill

Dan Litchfield, who represents several wind farms, told lawmakers "The law as written certainly encourages others...gives us more of a market to compete into. It certainly would increase the likelihood that projects go forward and the investments happen.”
5, 2014

Many advocates and interest groups are lining up to voice their opinions on a bill that would drastically change Ohio’s energy landscape.

Parole Board Votes Unanimously For Clemency For Convicted Killer

Arthur Tyler was convicted in the 1983 killing of a Cleveland produce vendor.
April 30, 2014

A panel is recommending that Gov. John Kasich grant clemency for a death row inmate who’s scheduled to be executed next month.

Drilliers, Environmentalists React To New “Fracking” Policy

Wells like this one where new drilling techniques are used will be regulated under new rules passed by Ohio lawmakers.
15, 2014

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is now requiring oil and drilling companies to implement seismic monitoring policies if they want to frack near a fault line or an area known for seismic activity.

Ohio Lawmaker Urges Passage Of Headlight Flashing Bill

A Republican lawmaker want the Ohio legislature to consider a bill allowing drivers to flash headlights to warn of police presence on roadways.
4, 2014

Drivers might be surprised to hear that the ordinary action of flashing their headlights on the road could be considered illegal. Now, one lawmaker wants to clear the confusion.

Provision In Reading Requirement Gives Pass To Voucher Students

Innovation Ohio's Dale Butland says the disparity between public school students and private school students with vouchers is just one glitch in the overall problem with the reading guarantee.
11, 2014

A liberal think tank is pointing out a discrepancy in the laws that lay out Ohio’s third grade reading guarantee.