WOSU News Archives For: June 5, 2014

Ohio Senate Leader: Traffic Cameras Need Regulation

Red light camera
Ohio Senate President Keith Faber says red-light cameras may need more regulation.
5, 2014

The Ohio Senate’s leader says many in his Republican majority believe traffic cameras should be regulated and the issue could see action before the end of the year.

Downtown Zoo Project Officially Cancelled After Zoo Levy Failed

Columbus Zoo Gate
Columbus Zoo officials now say they don't support a downtown location nor a large zoo tax levy.
5, 2014

Columbus Zoo officials say they don’t want a downtown zoo anymore and will not seek a large permanent tax levy like the one that went down in defeat last month.

Ohio Lawmaker Moves To Repeal Common Core Education Standards

Adams announced the effort as a House vote on a separate education-related bill stalled Wednesday.
5, 2014

A Republican state lawmaker is trying to force through an Ohio bill repealing Common Core public education standards.

New Carbon Emission Rules Add To Legacy Of Clean Air Act

Conesville Smokestacks
Proposed rules on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants will affect utilities in Ohio.
5, 2014

This week’s release of proposed rules to control carbon dioxide emissions has created quite a stir in Ohio which produces and uses a lot of coal. But clean air regulation is nothing new to Ohio . The new proposal is just the latest in decades of efforts to improve the environment.

Organic Lawn Care A Growing Trend In Central Ohio

Many homeowners are switching to organic lawn care.
5, 2014

Once only used by a select few environmentally-conscious homeowners, organic lawn care is becoming mainstream. Organic signs are popping up on people’s lawns all over Central Ohio. Even name brand fertilizer companies are embracing the trend.