WOSU News Archives For June 2014

New Research In Ohio Labs Brings Star Trek Technology To Life

#37 K-2 smokes & gifts
Synthetic marijuana, known as "K2" and "Spice," had been readily available at head shops, gas stations, and convenience stores.
9, 2014

Ohio is emerging as a global center of research in a branch of physics that’s stymied scientists for decades. It’s called Terahertz radiation, a band of light waves with potential uses that range from detecting cancer to uncovering art forgeries.

Education Officials Want To Stop The Summer Slide In Learning

9, 2014

As many school years wind down this week, education officials are worried about the impact of the “summer slide, or the regression of students’ skills during their scholastic breaks.

Ohio State And 2 Other Ohio Universities Get Bomb Dogs

9, 2014

Three universities are getting bomb-sniffing dogs through a pilot program that officials eventually hope to expand throughout Ohio’s state universities.

Ohio Supreme Court To Hear Traffic Cameras Case

The air traffic control towers at OSU's Don Scott Airport (left) and Bolton Field face possible closure because of budget cuts in the federal sequester.
9, 2014

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear arguments this week about traffic cameras, though that doesn’t signal a stop yet to the growing legal challenges to their use in ticketing motorists for running red lights or speeding.

Ohio Kidnapping Suspect Arrested After Chase

Camp Chase Graves
Camp Chase honors Confederate Soldiers each June.
9, 2014

Authorities in northern Ohio say they a high-speed chase ended in the arrest of a 25-year-old man accused of kidnapping a 2-year-old boy and demanding ransom from his family.

Ohio State Campaigns to Make Consent “Sexy”

Consent is Sexy
Ohio State launches a "Consent is Sexy" campaign to inform students about sexual assault.
9, 2014

OSU recently launched a campaign aimed at preventing sexual violence and its raising eyebrows. A campaign at Ohio State called “Consent is Sexy” has a goal of preventing sexual assaults. The university has posted signs on restroom doors, on campus buses, in dormitories, and in sorority and frat houses.

Attorney: American Detained In North Korea Is Ohio Man

7, 2014

An attorney says a southwest Ohio man is the American tourist who has been detained by North Korea for an unspecified crime.

Ohio Names New State Parks Director

The state's new parks director Gary Obermiller
June 7, 2014

Ohio will soon have a new state parks director. Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director James Zehringer says Gary Obermiller will take over the job.

Columbus Submits 2016 Democratic Convention Bid

Columbus skyline
Columbus tosses hat into ring to host 2016 Democratic National Convention
7, 2014

Columbus has submitted its bid to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Portman Says More Money Won’t Solve VA Problems

Ohio Senators. Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Rob Portman disagree on how to best proceed with the Affordable Health Care Act.
June 6, 2014

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman says it would be a disservice to veterans to suggest that solving problems such as the waiting lists and fraudulent appointments simply requires pouring more money into the Veterans Affairs Office.