WOSU News Archives For: May 29, 2014

Ohio Extends Deadline For Counties to Use $75M of Demolition Funds

There are several thousand vacant homes in Columbus alone.
May 29, 2014

Ohio counties will have extra time to demolish and clean up thousands of vacant and nuisance properties.

Teen Girl Stabbed To Death, Other Teen Charged With Murder

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29, 2014

Columbus Police say one teen girl is dead and another has been charged with murder after a stabbing in east Columbus on Wednesday.

Ohio’s Black Infant Mortality Rate Second Worst In U.S.

Infant Mortality
Dr. Patricia Gabbe (right) founded Moms2B, a support group that connects disadvantaged pregnant women with social services. Amber Broadus was one of the first women in the program.
29, 2014

Ohio’s African American mortality rate is the second worst in the country. And in some of Columbus’ poor, black communities, the numbers are the same as rates in third world countries.