Taft Conviction To Be Included In Ohio IG’s Report

Bob Taft(Photo: file photo)
Bob Taft(Photo: file photo)

Ohio’s government watchdog is revising his report on a 2005 rare-coin investment scandal after learning then-Gov. Bob Taft’s historic conviction connected to the matter was omitted in error.

Inspector General Randall Meyer ordered his staff Wednesday to amend the 1,210 page report released last week to include references to Taft’s no-contest plea on ethics charges.

A new version will be posted online.

Spokesman Carl Enslen acknowledged the lack of reference to Taft’s misdemeanor in the report. He said the report, combined with statements by Meyer, led to the mistaken conclusion that Taft’s record had been expunged.

He said the staffer who put forward what he called “false research results” isn’t expected to be disciplined.

Taft’s attorney says Ohio’s only governor convicted of a crime neither sought nor received an expungement.