WOSU News Archives For: April 28, 2014

Ohio To Increase Lethal Injection Drug Dosage

The Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Corrections said Monday it will increase its lethal injection drug dosage.
April 28, 2014

Ohio said it is increasing the dosage of the lethal injection drugs used to put condemned inmates to death.

College Students Protest Tuition Increases

Universities say drops in enrollment and cuts in state aid make the tuition increases necessary.
28, 2014

Students across Ohio are protesting recent tuition increases enacted or proposed at eight of the state’s 14 public universities.

Mortgage Assistance Program Coming To An End

Through last month, about 18,000 people got an average of $16,000 each to help pay off liens or up to 18 months’ worth of mortgage payments.
28, 2014

A program to help struggling Ohio homeowners prevent foreclosure is coming to an end this week.

It’s Win Or Go Home For Blue Jackets

Joe Vitale of the Pittsburgh Penguins collides with Ryan Murray of the Columbus Blue Jackets in Game Five on Saturday.
28, 2014

It’s the most important game in franchise history, as the Columbus Blue Jackets hope to stay alive in their first-round playoff series with Pittsburgh.

Columbus Zoo Levy: What Exactly Is It?

The front-entrance sign of the Columbus Zoo.
28, 2014

The Columbus Zoo levy is up for renewal, and for the first time in recent memory it has organized opposition as some balk at the size of the increase and its permanence.

Columbus Zoo Levy: A Move To Permanence

Zoo employees talk about one of their giraffes.
28, 2014

Franklin County voters have decided to increase property taxes for the Columbus Zoo four times. In 1985, 1990, 1994 and 2004 voters easily passed temporary levies for the zoo. This year the zoo asks voters to approve a new levy – but this one is different. It’s much larger than past levies.

Columbus Zoo Levy: Downtown Zoo

PGAV Downtown exterior night
A rendering of what the downtown zoo experience would look like.
28, 2014

A rain forest tree canopy walkway, down below a crocodile slides along the forest floor, somewhere a Macaw cries out. Below the water’s surface sharks glide through the water… all of this in a three-story building on an acre along the Scioto River.

Columbus Zoo Levy: Franklin County Or Delaware County Issue

Jack Hanna speaks to children about the Black Rhino at the Columbus Zoo.
28, 2014

Many Franklin County voters have a simple question – why are they paying for something in a different county?

Columbus Zoo Levy: Governance

Columbus Zoo Gate
The front gate of the Columbus Zoo.
28, 2014

The Columbus Zoo’s request for a large and permanent property tax increase has prompted a closer look at how it’s run. The zoo is funded through a mix of tax dollars, private donations, admission fees and concessions revenue.