WOSU News Archives For: April 21, 2014

OSU Officials Issue Guidelines to Combat Mumps Outbreak

Ohio State officials recommend nearly everyone attending or working at the University be vaccinated against the mumps virus.
21, 2014

Ohio State officials are taking a more aggressive tone in an effort to combat a mumps outbreak on the Columbus campus.

Jackets Fans Wait For ‘Last-Minute’ Tickets

Blue Jackets
Blue Jackets fans arrived at Nationwide Arena at 6 a.m. for last-minute tickets for the third game in the first round of the playoff series. Some fans in line played cards, listened to music or read to pass the time.
21, 2014

The Blue Jackets host Pittsburgh, Monday, at Nationwide Arena in game three of the first round play-off series. Die-hard fans began to line up at the arena shortly before 6 a.m. for last-minute tickets that go on-sale at 5 o’clock.

Playoff Hockey Returns To Nationwide Arena

The Blue Jackets have been to the playoffs once before. They were swept by the Detroit Red Wings in 2009.
21, 2014

For the first time in five years, Nationwide Arena will host a playoff NHL game as the Columbus Blue Jackets take on the Pittsburgh Penguins in game three of their first-round playoff series.

More Ohio Hog Farms Reporting Deadly Disease

PED mainly affects piglets and has a nearly 100 percent mortality rate.
21, 2014

The virus known as PED mainly affects piglets and has a nearly 100 percent mortality rate.

Ohio “Campaign Lying Law” Goes Before U.S. Supreme Court

The billboard campaign against Dem. U.S. Rep. Steve Driehaus was abandoned before any ads went up.
21, 2014

The case arose after an anti-abortion group falsely accused an Ohio Congressman of supporting taxpayer-funded abortion.

Some Immigrants In Columbus At Risk For Silent Killer

hepatitis b screening sign and patient
An immigrant is screened for Hepatitis B.
21, 2014

Central Ohio is home to some 70,000 Asian immigrants. And advocates worry a silent deadly disease is hidden in the population. Immigrants from Asia and some African nations face a greater risk for Hepatitis B and may not know they have it.