WOSU News Archives For: April 15, 2014

Columbus Road Crews Fix 87,000 Potholes

Columbus road crews have fixed 87-thousand potholes since the beginning of the year.
15, 2014

The city of Columbus says its road crews have fixed nearly 87,000 potholes since the beginning of the year – about half of them in the past month.

Ohio School Board Debates Sexual Orientation Rule

gay flag
The State Board of Education is divided over a proposal to protect teachers from being fired because of their sexual orientation.
15, 2014

A proposal to protect Ohio school teachers from being fired on the basis of sexual orientation has divided the state school board.

Almost 32,000 Ohioans Have Voted In May 6 Primary

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says 32-thousand people have cast an early ballot in the May primary election.
15, 2014

Almost 32,000 Ohioans have cast ballots so far in the state’s primary election next month.

Kasich Rolls Out First TV Ad In Campaign For Governor

The ad debuted Tuesday morning and is expected to run on local television stations for one week.
April 15, 2014

The incumbent Republican governor on Tuesday released a television ad titled “Deliver” that focuses on his humble western Pennsylvania roots, entering Ohio politics, and starting a family.

Mid-April Snow Coats Central Ohio

15, 2014

Most parts of Central Ohio saw little accumulation, but it was enough to cover roads early Tuesday and slow the morning commute.

Springfield Man Charged With Refusing To Land Drone

File photo
April 15, 2014

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office says Kele Stanley refused to stop flying his drone while a medical helicopter was preparing to land.

Drilliers, Environmentalists React To New “Fracking” Policy

Wells like this one where new drilling techniques are used will be regulated under new rules passed by Ohio lawmakers.
15, 2014

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is now requiring oil and drilling companies to implement seismic monitoring policies if they want to frack near a fault line or an area known for seismic activity.