Central Ohio Mumps Cases Rise; College Vaccine Policies Differ

WOSU Archive
WOSU Archive

The Columbus Public Health department says that as of Tuesday afternoon 163 cases of mumps had been reported in Franklin and Delaware counties.

103 cases have been connected to Ohio State University. OSU spokeswoman Liz Cook says immunization is stressed but not required for enrollment. She says students are encouraged early-on to get the Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

“That begins at the onset of their orientation here at the university with their parents and through an on-going education program we conduct throughout the year. And that’s to ensure that students are aware of the adult immunization recommendations according to the CDC,” Cook says.

Capital University, however, does require MMR immunization before students are admitted. Capital spokeswoman Nichole Johnson says mumps has not been a significant problem on the Bexley campus.

“The earlier we start communicating the importance of complying with the requirements for any number of vaccinations, we find the compliance is pretty high. So it hasn’t been, fortunately, a major problem for us,” Johnson says.

The health department says even people who received one dose of MMR vaccine should be vaccinated again.