WOSU News Archives For: March 17, 2014

Committee Approves New Rules For Ohio’s Jails

Rules governing Ohio jails have been updated for the first time since 2003.
17, 2014

Ohio now has a new set of regulations for jails around the state.

Ohio Attorney General Joins Effort To Curtail Tobacco Sales

A group of Attorneys General wants some major retailers to curtail tobacco sales.
17, 2014

Attorneys General from Ohio and 27 other states and U.S. territories have written to the chief executives of major U.S. pharmacy chains urging them to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Prosecutors Charge Eight In South Columbus Drug Ring

If convicted, each of the eight defendants face a minimum of 11 years behind bars.
March 17, 2014

The 42 counts unveiled Monday include illegal manufacturing of drugs, trafficking heroin and cocaine, attempted murder, and tampering with evidence.

Ohio Prisons Cashing In On Inmate Phone Calls

Prisoners in Ohio are charged a lot to make local phone calls out of prison.
17, 2014

Inmates and their families pay a lot of hidden costs for basic items and services. The state and private vendors are making a lot of money as they provide these services. One private company collected $21 million last year on prison calls in Ohio.

Ohio State Students Struggling To Keep Sober Get Their Own Dorm

Recovery House_Penn Place
Recovery House at Penn Place will be a dorm for Ohio State students in alcohol and drug recovery.
17, 2014

This fall a new dorm opens at Ohio State for students who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. It’s called Recovery House at Penn Place where students will get support services as they work to stay sober.