WOSU News Archives For: February 17, 2014

More Snow Coming To Parts Of Ohio

Snow covered street in Hilliard, Ohio.
Snow is expected to begin falling across parts of northern Central Ohio late Monday. Central and Southern Ohio could see rain followed by light snow Tuesday morning.
17, 2014

Parts of winter-weary Ohio are getting more snow.

Flooding Concerns Prompt $80 Million In Changes To Marathon HQ

Marathon's downtown headquarters had $4 million in damage from a flood in 2007.
February 17, 2014

The president of Marathon Petroleum Corp. says a key part of the plan was making sure progress is being made of solving the repeated flooding that has plagued the city of Findlay.

Long-time Lawmaker Removes Name From Ballot Over Filing Mistake

Damschroder was expected to win again in this year's election with no other candidates running against him.
February 17, 2014

State Rep. Rex Damschroder of Fremont in northwestern Ohio took his name off the ballot last week after discovering that he failed to sign his declaration of candidacy the required number of times.

ODOT Gets Zero Bids On Salt Plan For Local Communities

snow plow
Ohio has used more than 880,000 tons of salt since the start of this unusually cold and snowy winter. That doesn't include the salt used by local governments on local roads.
17, 2014

The department wanted to buy 150,000 tons of salt for communities and then have them to return the salt after they replenish their supplies. But no salt companies bid in the 10-day window that ended Friday.

Mom Wants Overdose Reversal Drug Available To Families of Addicts

Columbus Fire medics have administer Narcan about 5 times a day. It can reverse a heroin or prescription opioid overdose in minutes.
17, 2014

The number of people dying from heroin overdoses in Ohio has increased exponentially. State lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow an addict’s family or friends to give a drug that can halt an overdose. Some medical experts worry expanding the drug’s availability could cause other problems.