WOSU News Archives For January 2014

Ohio State Students Welcome New President

Michael Drake
Ohio State's newly-named president received a welcoming from students at Ohio Union Friday afternoon.
31, 2014

Ohio State’s newly-named president Michael Drake was formally welcomed today by students and staff at the Ohio Union. As WOSU reports, Drake got a lesson from students on how to be a Buckeye.

Abortion Clinic Can Stay Open During Appeal

File photo
31, 2014

A judge will allow a suburban Cincinnati abortion clinic to remain open as it appeals a state closure order.

Ohio Gov Holds Almost $8 Million In Campaign Cash

Governor Kasich has nearly $8 million at the beginning of this election year. His opponent, Democrat Ed FitzGerald has yet to releases his finances.
January 31, 2014

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has close to $8 million in campaign cash on hand at the start of the election year.

Tea Party Won’t Challenge Kasich In May Primary

Portgage Tea Party leader Tom Zawistowski, who's become a sort of spokesman for the nationwide Tea Party movement, says they will not present a challenger to Gov. John Kasich in the May Republican primary.
January 31, 2014

An Ohio Tea Party activist says they will not present a challenger for Gov. Kasich in the Republican primary because Tea Party candidates “are put under such scrutiny by the Republican Party.”

Michael Drake Named New Ohio State President

New Ohio State President Michael Drake addresses the university's board of trustees after he was named as the school's new leader.
New Ohio State President Michael Drake addresses the university's board of trustees after he was named as the school's new leader.
January 30, 2014

It took six months, but Ohio State University Board of Trustees narrowed the field of presidential candidates down to one man they say has all of the skills necessary to lead one of the nation’s largest public institutions. Trustees, Thursday, tapped University of California Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake as OSU’s 15th president.

Party Chairs Assess Ohio Gov Candidate Weaknesses

Chairmen of the Ohio Democratic and Republican parties are quick to point out the weaknesses of the opposing candidates at the AP's Legislative Forum.
January 30, 2014

Ohio’s political party chairmen have jumped at the chance to highlight vulnerabilities of the gubernatorial contender running on the opposite ticket.

Ohio Governor Continues To Support Death Penalty

Governor John Kasich told The Associated Press Legislative Forum he supports the death penalty despite the prolonged death of Dennis McGuire last week.
January 30, 2014

Ohio Gov. John Kasich continues to support the death penalty following the prolonged execution of a condemned killer earlier this month that led to calls for a state moratorium on capital punishment.

Ohio Elections Chief Urges Online Registration

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted wants state lawmakers to approve online voter registration this year.
30, 2014

The state’s top elections official says online voter registration can be implemented in Ohio as soon as state lawmakers pass it.

Lackluster Results For Ohio’s Job Program

Ohio's program to help welfare recipients get jobs shows dismal results.
30, 2014

A report shows that Ohio’s new effort to find jobs for welfare recipients has fallen short.

Columbus Man Sentenced For Twitter Threats Against President

U.S. District judge George Smith has sentenced Columbus resident Daniel Temple for tweeting threats against President Obama.
January 30, 2014

A federal judge has sentenced a central Ohio man to 16 months in prison for making Twitter threats to kill President Barack Obama. 37 year-old Daniel Temple of Columbus had confessed to U.S. Secret Service agents to making the threats and pleaded guilty in May.