WOSU News Archives For: December 18, 2013

Cancellation Of Juneteenth Event Prompts $4 Million Lawsuit

Columbus attorney Byron Potts brought the suit on behalf of his client Mustafaa Shabazz, the organizer of the Juneteenth event. Potts says the city discriminated against Shabazz because the event is an African-American festival.
18, 2013

The City of Columbus is being sued for $4 million after this year’s annual Juneteenth celebration was shut down by city officials. A Saturday shooting caused the remainder of the 2-day event to be cancelled

Court Ruling Clears Way For Wind Farm

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18, 2013

An Ohio Supreme Court ruling has cleared the way for an alternative energy company to move forward with a massive wind farm planned for parts of Richland and Crawford counties.

Elections Chief Says 17 Non-Citizens Voted In 2012 Election

Husted says improved online voter registration could avert future cases, because prospective voters must provide a drivers' license number that could be checked for citizenship status.
December 18, 2013

Ohio’s top election official says 17 noncitizens voted illegally in the battleground state in last year’s presidential election, and another 274 are registered but did not vote.

Gay Marriage Death Certificate Case Back In Court

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18, 2013

Both sides in a fight over whether gay marriage should be recognized on Ohio death certificates despite a statewide ban will argue their cases in front of a federal judge in Cincinnati.

Colleges Change Tactics Amid Dearth Of Students

college changes
Northland High School guidance counselor Suzie Thompson said she thinks universities will be able to fill any gaps from the projected high school graduate shortage with non-traditional students.
18, 2013

Colleges and universities face a new challenge: fewer potential students. They’ve been told for years to brace for a decline in prospective students as the number of high school grads was expected to decline. WOSU talked with some industry experts to find out how they’ve prepared to compete for scholars.