WOSU News Archives For: December 12, 2013

Prosecutor Says Slain Pregnant Mom Was Prostitute

A Delaware county prosecutor says a pregnant, young mother of two turned to prostitution to make ends meet.
December 12, 2013

An Ohio prosecutor says a pregnant woman who was raped and killed last year had turned to prostitution to make ends meet and died after answering a Craigslist ad offering $200.

Mayor’s Office Stands By Arena Payments

The Franklin County Board of Elections said a local group has enough valid signatures to put an issue on the ballot that could end lease payments on Nationwide Arena.
12, 2013

The Mayor’s office maintains Columbus residents still support the public purchase of Nationwide Arena. Voters could decide the issue after a citizens group collected enough signatures to ask voters if they want to stop city payments on the Arena.

Columbus Police Kill Shooting Suspect

Kenneth_R. Herring_suspected killed by CPD
Columbus Police officers shot and killed Wednesday night shooting suspect 50 year old Kenneth R. Herring.
December 12, 2013

Police in Columbus say they confronted and fatally shot a man who was wanted for shooting his girlfriend hours before.

Former Ohio State Coach Gets A New Job At University Of Akron

Jim Tressel
Former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel is getting a promotion at the University of Akron.
12, 2013

Former Ohio State University football coach Jim Tressel is moving up at the University of Akron.

Bill Opens Access To Adoptees’ Birth Certificates

Ohio lawmakers approve a bill to help those adopted gain access to original birth certificates.
12, 2013

A bill approved by Ohio lawmakers will make it easier for many adopted Ohioans to get their original birth certificates.

“Short North Posse” Targeted In Latest Drug Roundup

File photo
12, 2013

Members of an alleged gang with 2-decade-old roots in Columbus have been charged with drug dealing, illegal weapons possession and money laundering, state and federal authorities announced Wednesday.

Budget Deal Won’t Extend Unemployment for 40,000 Ohioans

As it stands, about 1.3 million people across the country could get cut off at the end of the month.
December 12, 2013

Congress is on its way to a budget deal a couple weeks ahead of the January 1 deadline. But the deal doesn’t include extending emergency unemployment benefits. That means 40,000 Ohioans could see their payments end this month.

Elections Board OKs Signatures For Nationwide Arena Effort

Backers of the initiative want to ask voters if they want to end the city’s purchase contract toward Nationwide Arena. Payments would only resume if voters approved them in a second election.
12, 2013

The Franklin County Board of Elections has given a big legal win to activists hoping to end the city of Columbus’ purchase contract for Nationwide Arena.

Former Miami U. President Has Regrets About “College Arms Race”

James Garland increased Miami University's efforts to recruit out-of-state students, who pay much higher tuition.
December 12, 2013

James Garland increased Miami University’s efforts to recruit out-of-state students, who pay much higher tuition. The tactic quickly caught on with other public universities.