WOSU News Archives For November 2013

Inmates Work With Ohio Zoo To Restore Salamander

The Hellbender
30, 2013

A group of prison inmates in Ohio is helping a zoo restore populations of a salamander that is endangered in the state.

Ohio OKs Grants For Outdoor Recreation Improvement

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has approved state and federal grants to make improvement to parks and playgrounds.
29, 2013

Ohio has approved state and federal grants to help develop and improve public access for outdoor recreation facilities across the state.

More Time Added To Ohio Deer-Gun Season Days

Ohio's deer season begins Monday, December 2nd
29, 2013

Deer hunters will get an extra 30 minutes each day to hunt when deer-gun season opens December 2nd in Ohio.

Relative: Ohio Amish Girl In Chemo Case Doing Well

Scales of Justice
An Ohio Amish girl's family remains in hiding as a legal case continues over whether the child she be forced to take chemotherapy treatments.
29, 2013

An Ohio Amish girl diagnosed with leukemia continues natural treatments while hiding with her parents amid a legal case over whether she’ll be forced to continue chemotherapy.

Ohio Construction Work Could Affect Holiday Travel

construction barrel
Thanksgiving travelers could expect delays despite construction projects halted during holiday weekend.
28, 2013

The Ohio Department of Transportation says some construction work will be suspended over the Thanksgiving holiday, but drivers may still come across many work zone restrictions.

‘A Christmas Story’ At 30: Now Part Of The Family

leg lamp
The infamous leg lamp in the movie 'A Christmas Story' which turns 30 this year.
28, 2013

It’s been 30 years since the film “A Christmas Story” opened to mixed reviews, but it has emerged as a holiday favorite along with mistletoe and spiked eggnog.

Hundreds Remain Evacuated After Ohio Railcar Leak

Willard Ohio
Hundreds of Willard, Ohio residents remain evacuated following a train derailment and a railcar leaked flameable liquids.
28, 2013

Hundreds of homes in a small northern Ohio city will remain evacuated into Thursday after a train derailment damaged a railcar that leaked flammable liquid.

Bus Driver Has Monday Court Appearance For Child Endangerment

WOSU Archive photo
27, 2013

A Columbus City Schools bus driver will appear in court Monday morning on charges she endangered the lives of children.

Work Requirement For Food Stamps Draws Ire Of Two Lawmakers

Two Ohio lawmakers want more exemptions in work requirements for recipients of food stamps.
27, 2013

As families prepare to gather around the table for Thanksgiving, state policymakers are urging the governor to change requirements for food assistance. Some lawmakers say there’s disparity across the state when it comes to food stamps.

Mug Shot Website Owners Protest Extortion Allegations

There are numerous websites that charge people money to have their mugshots removed from the sites, regardless of their innocence or guilt. Some allege it's extortion.
November 27, 2013

A Toledo attorney has filed a class action lawsuit against several mug shot websites that have required money to removed the picture. The lawyer alleges extortion. But the operators defend the sites as a public service.