WOSU News Archives For: October 31, 2013

Governor Kasich Defends Alternative Medicaid Vote

Gov. John Kasich says he does not regret bypassing the full Ohio Legislature and going through the State Controlling Board to expand Medicaid.
October 31, 2013

Gov. John Kasich defends his decision to turn to a legislative spending panel to push through an expansion of Medicaid rather than relying on the full Ohio Legislature.

Food Stamp Cuts Force Retail Changes

Pantry Supply
Food pantries say demand for emergency food will rise when food stamp cuts take effect. But, some grocers may respond with targeted price cuts.
October 31, 2013

Beginning Friday grocers, discount, and convenience stores face a tougher sell to some low-income customers. The retailers are preparing for customers facing cuts in food stamp benefits.

Columbus; Suburbs Moves Trick or Treating to 5:30 PM

Officials in Columbus and many Central Ohio suburbs have moved trick or treat hours up to 5:30 p.m..
31, 2013

Columbus and most of the suburbs have decided to move trick or treating up by a half hour.

Ohio Agency Will Review Group Homes After Slaying

55-year-old Jane Juergens was killed on a trail at Ridgewood Park.
31, 2013

A children’s services agency in central Ohio says it will review all of its group home placements after a 16-year-old group home resident was charged with fatally stabbing a jogger in a park.

Food Stamp Benefit Decreased For Ohioans This Week

Food stamp recipients will see a decrease in their monthly benefit with the end of the stimulus program.
31, 2013

About 1.8 million Ohioans will see their food stamp benefits decreased slightly at midnight Friday, and advocates for the poor say it’s going to hurt.

Federal Judge In Columbus Allows Video Testimony From Death Row

Federal Judge Gregory Frost will allow video testimony in case challenging Ohio's method of execution.
October 31, 2013

A federal judge is allowing a condemned Ohio child killer to testify by video at a hearing over the state’s plan to use a never-tried lethal drug combination on him next month.

Vets Coalition Pushes State Lawmakers For Clear Energy Jobs

File photo
31, 2013

A coalition of veterans groups is pushing Ohio lawmakers to tougher clean energy standards to help create jobs for returning veterans.

Minor Party Rules Clear House Despite Objection Of Dems.

The rules expected to be signed into law by the governor would require minor parties to gather signatures equal to one percent of the vote in the most recent election for governor or president, and that a minor party must get at least two percent of that total vote to qualify for future ballots.
31, 2013

A bill that would put new rules on minor party candidates has cleared a major legislative hurdle despite objections from Democrats who call it “The John Kasich Re-election Protection Act.”