WOSU News Archives For: October 30, 2013

Dad, Son Face Charges After Teen Died Following Under-Age Party

Stephen Romanelli
Stephen Romanelli, 18, died Aug. 4 when he crashed his car into a tree after attending a party.
October 30, 2013

A Dublin father and son face charges after an intoxicated 18-year-old crashed his car and died, Aug. 4, after leaving their home.

Supporters, Opponents Debate City Schools Levy Proposal

Supporters and opponents debate the city schools tax issue at a Columbus Metropolitan Club forum.
30, 2013

Supporters and opponents of the proposed tax levy for Columbus city schools met for a Columbus Metropolitan Club debate Tuesday. Speakers in favor of the tax issue said the need was immediate while opponents suggested passage meant throwing money away. Sam Gresham and Terry Boyd were opposed to the $76 million levy’s passage. Boyd, an [...]

Ohio Headed To Record-Low Number Of Traffic Deaths

Vehicle safety improvements and better highway-construction techniques have helped drive those numbers down since then.
30, 2013

Statistics show that the state could even dip below 1,000 traffic fatalities this year for the first time since the state began keeping records.

Lawmakers Weigh “Stand Your Ground” In Ohio

File photo
30, 2013

Supporters say it’s different from the controversial Florida law, but critics say it’s still unnecessary.

Marion Struggles With Increasing Heroin Problem

Addiction specialists say Marion's heroin problem began about four years ago when gang members from Chicago and Detroit started bringing the drug to the city.
30, 2013

Like many Midwestern cities, Marion has struggled in recent decades. The proud blue-collar town was once a regional industry leader, but times have changed and factories have closed. As industry moved out, drugs…specifically heroin…moved in.