WOSU News Archives For: October 25, 2013

Panel: Restrict Access To Ohio Face-Check Software

Mike DeWine
A committee said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's office should create a policy to determine how long records in the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway are maintained..
October 25, 2013

A state report is recommending restrictions on the use of Ohio’s facial recognition technology, which can identify suspects through possible matches with drivers’ license photos.

Columbus Corporations And Unions Support Proposed Levy

25, 2013

New campaign finance reports show the Columbus school levy campaign is gettng major financial backing from both corporations and unions.

Web Site Offers Alternatives To Risqué Halloween Costumes

The Web site offers guides for creating elaborate costumes of goddesses, inventors, scientists, and other notable women from around the world.
25, 2013

You may be heading to a Halloween party this weekend, and if you’re a woman you might have been frustrated trying to find a modest costume. Now there’s a push to change that.