WOSU News Archives For: October 21, 2013

School And City Leaders Hinge Hopes On Tax Levy

A breakdown of the Columbus City Schools Levy proposal.
21, 2013

Next month, Columbus School District voters face a big decision – whether to approve a 24 percent increase in school taxes. City and School leaders promise the schools levy will bring reform and improve the troubled district.

OSU Ranked 4th In First BCS Standings

OSU is once again eligible for BCS games, including the National Championship game,after being forced to watch last year's bowl season from home.
21, 2013

Ohio State sits behind Alabama, Florida State, and Oregon in the first round of Bowl Championship Series rankings released Sunday evening.

Columbus School Leaders Stress: “Levy Is The Reform”

21, 2013

After nine months of soul searching and numerous public hearings – supporter of the school tax increase say the “Levy is the Reform.”

Charter Schools Would Benefit From Levy

Charter schools are a big part of the Columbus School Levy proposal.
21, 2013

Voters, for the first time, are being asked to approve local property tax funds for independently run charter schools. The Charter school sharing proposal is the most controversial policy aspect of the $75 million request.

Levy Plan To Invest In Future, Expand Preschool Programs

Coleman and School Leaders hope to improve schools by starting at the preschool level.
21, 2013

Reformers on Mayor Coleman’s education commission say the surest way to boost long-term overall student success is to make sure children are ready for kindergarten. Leaders promise to spend $8.5 million of the levy to pay for additional more pre-school classes.

Follow The Money: Columbus City Schools Levy

spending chart
Where is the levy money going to go?
21, 2013

Columbus City School leaders and city officials say the 9 mill levy will improve the district’s school failing report cards, expand pre-kindergarten and prepare high school students for adulthood.