WOSU News Archives For: October 1, 2013

Ohio “Navigators” Fighting Red Tape During ObamaCare Roll Out

blood pressure cuff
Monday marks the first day people get sign up for health insurance on a marketplace under the federal healthcare law.
1, 2013

Ohioans began using the health insurance marketplace, Tuesday, under the Affordable Care Act. A number of Ohio for agencies received grants to hire so-called “navigators” to help guide people through the marketplace. But there’s been a snag. Red tape is preventing the navigators from helping people with questions about the insurance marketplace.

Partial Government Shutdown Takes Hold In Columbus

man enters fed bldg
An unidentified man enters the lobby of the Bricker Federal Building in Columbus on the first day of the partial government shutdown.
1, 2013

As the partial shutdown took hold a skeleton security staff at the Bricker Federal building at Spring and High streets in Columbus patiently answered questions from people trying to do business with federal government agencies. Department of Labor offices and the IRS offices were closed. Bankruptcy court and Social Security offices remained open.

Long-Awaited Bypass Road Opening In Southeast Ohio

Wayne National Forest
1, 2013

A new bypass road cuts through Wayne National Forest in southeast Ohio.

Absentee Voting Begins In Ohio For Fall Election

Ohioans can begin to cast their absentee ballots for the November election.
October 1, 2013

Ohio voters can begin casting absentee ballots for November’s election.

Two Women Report Blow Dart Attacks In Central Ohio

Police say a woman was killed and five were arrested in Urbana, Ohio.
1, 2013

Newark Police say two women separately reported being targeted by someone firing blow darts at them, possibly from a dark-colored vehicle.

Governor John Kasich Can Expand Medicaid Without Lawmakers OK

Leaders of several faiths gathered in the Ohio Statehouse this past summer to endorse Gov. John Kasich's budget, which includes an expansion of Ohio's Medicaid program.
1, 2013

Today, Ohioans can sign up on the new marketplace for health insurance called exchanges. But thousands of low income Ohioans would be eligible for Medicaid coverage instead if the state were to expand the program. Governor Kasich wants expansion. The legislature has, so far, not taken action.