WOSU News Archives For April 2013

Ohio GOP Lawmakers Pushing Right-To-Work Bills

Unions have bought billboard ads, preparing for Ohio lawmakers to propose union-limiting legislation.
30, 2013

Less than two years after Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected collective bargaining limits for government workers, Republicans in the Ohio House are preparing legislation that would prohibit requiring workers from joining or paying automatic dues to a union.

Fired Gay Teacher Files Complaint With City Department

Carla Hale Final
Fired Bishop Watterson High School teacher Carla Hale filed a complain Tuesday under the city of Columbus' anti discrimination ordinance.
30, 2013

As expected, the Watterson teacher who says she was fired for being gay filed her complaint with a city office today.

Ohio Court Rules Restraining Order Must Be Served

The Ohio Supreme Court rules a restraining order must be served before a violation occurs.
30, 2013

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that to sustain a conviction for a restraining-order violation, prosecutors must prove the defendant was served with the document before the alleged violation.

Ohio Committee To Vote On Internet Cafe Moratorium

An Ohio Senate committee is poised to vote on a bill to halt the expansion of internet cafes, or sweepstakes cafes, like this one on Alum Creek Drive.
30, 2013

An Ohio Senate panel is poised to vote Tuesday evening on a bill that would immediately halt expansion of Internet cafes in the state.

Rule Change Grounds Ohio Pension Plan Officials

Logo courtesy of State Employees Retirement System
April 30, 2013

An Ohio panel wants to ground those who oversee the state’s pension plans.

State officials were frustrated by two board members of the School Employees Retirement System insisting that they travel to Hawaii for a conference.

Advocates Of Medicaid Expansion Say Ballot Issue Possible

30, 2013

Some advocates want to expand the current Medicaid system so that thousands of low income Ohioans can get medical care. They want that expansion as part of the state budget but that doesn’t look likely.

Custodians, Security Officers Picket For Better Wages, Benefits

Custodians and security officers held a picket outside Motorists Insurance on E. Broad St. Monday afternoon. The workers called on the city's largest companies to consider better wages and benefits for contracted employees.
29, 2013

Despite the city’s unemployment rate being the lowest in the state, Columbus custodians and security officers say they remain at near poverty levels. WOSU attended a picket Monday afternoon where workers called for better benefits.

Ohio AG Backs Tougher Prison Terms For Gun Crimes

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says he backs stronger penalties for offenders who repeatedly commit crimes using a gun.
29, 2013

Ohioans who repeatedly use guns to commit crimes would face tougher penalties under a proposed new law backed by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and fellow Republicans.

Gay Catholic School Teacher To File Complaint With City Commission

Carla Hale Final
Fired Bishop Watterson High School teacher Carla Hale said she'll file a complain Tuesday under the city of Columbus' anti discrimination ordinance.
29, 2013

The lawyer for a gay teacher fighting to get her job back at Bishop Watterson High School after her mother’s obituary appeared in a newspaper with the name of her partner says Carla Hale will file a complaint with the City of Columbus under its anti-discrimination law.

Columbus Police And Fire Unions Contest New GPS Devices

Jack Reall, President IAFF, Local 67
Columbus Firefighter's union president, Jack Reall, says mid-term bargaining is necessary to resolve a dispute with Public Safety managers over installation of GPS devices in marked cars.
April 29, 2013

City of Columbus police and fire unions contest new GPS tracking techonolgy being put into marked cars. The two unions, which represent about 3,000 employees, have asked city officials to re-open labor contract talks.