WOSU News Archives For: March 20, 2013

Proposal To Boost Speed Limits Clears Ohio Senate

70 mph speed limit increase media briefing on I-295
The Ohio House is likely to pass the change that would bring the speed limit on Ohio interstates in line with that of the Ohio Turnpike.
20, 2013

A proposal to increase Ohio’s speed limit to 70 mph on rural interstate highways has cleared the state Senate.

Ohio Marine Among Those Killed In Nevada Training Accident

Taylor's grandfather called him "polite, respectful," saying the young man would "do anything for anybody."
20, 2013

Family members confirm Marine Lance Cpl. Josh Taylor of Marietta was among those killed when a mortar exploded during a mountain warfare training exercise in Nevada Monday.

Licking County School Closes After Police Chase

Police say a police chase ended when a car crashed into a fence at Lakewood High School near Newark.
20, 2013

Police were searching for at least one suspect who fled the scene after a car crashed into a fence at the Lakewood High School football field early Wednesday.

Sports World Turns To Dayton For NCAA Games

University of Dayton Arena is once again hosting NCAA tournament games, including Ohio State University's game against Iona on Friday.
20, 2013

There may not be any President or Prime Ministers visiting Dayton for this year’s NCAA tournament games, but there’s still plenty of excitement surrounding the games.

House Debate On Tax Shift Turns To Small Businesses

Gov. John Kasich wants to apply sales tax to several previously-untaxed services in order to allow cuts to the state income tax and business taxes.
20, 2013

State lawmakers heard contradictory testimony Tuesday on how the governor’s tax proposal would affect small businesses.