WOSU News Archives For: March 7, 2013

State Releases February Casino Revenue Amounts

Roulette wheel
Roulette Wheel
7, 2013

Ohio’s Casino Control Commission has released its monthly casino revenue report. The report shows Cleveland’s Horseshoe casino remains the most lucrative.

Ohio Treasurer Mandel Thinks Tax Hike Will Scare Industry Away

The 3,200 member Ohio Oil and Gas Association holds its annual meeting in Columbus amid protests over a proposed state tax increase.
March 7, 2013

A fellow Republican state official has come out against Gov. John Kasich’s proposed tax increase on drillers.

Franklin County Prosecutor Seeks Dozens Of Gun Indictments

Between 2010 and 2012, county prosecutors closed 1,126 gun cases with a conviction rate of more than 98 percent.
7, 2013

Franklin County prosecutor Ron O’Brien says his office recently sought grand jury indictments for more than 60 people accused of violating the state’s gun laws.

Gas Prices Take Toll On Central Ohio Drivers

Triple A says after four years of higher gas prices, fewer drivers are making complaints to the auto club.
7, 2013

Sharp increases at the pump have pushed some local drivers to change their driving habits, while others just consider it a part of the modern commute.

GOP Legislators Move To Penalize Insurers Taking Fed. Subsidies

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March 7, 2013

Some Republican state lawmakers want to suspend the licenses of any Ohio insurers receiving subsidies under the Affordable Cafe Act.

JobsOhio Accepts $7 M In Donations, Donors Remain Anonymous

Documents from JobsOhio show half of the 26 salaries paid by the organization were at least $100,000, with JobsOhio’s president and CIO making $225,000.
March 7, 2013

An annual report from the state’s semi-private job creation agency says it’s attracted $7 million in donations and millions more in public money.