WOSU News Archives For: March 6, 2013

Franklin County Sheriff Recruits Jail Deputy Candidates

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Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott begins recruitment of jail staff
March 6, 2013

Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott today began recruitment of jail deputy applicants. But the recruitment efforts occur while the county commission studies jail staffing. The commission will meet later this month with a consultant it hired to study sheriff department management.

Ohio Executes Man Who Fatally Shot Security Guard

Ohio today executed convicted murderer Frederick Treesh by lethal injection. Treesh was the 50th inmate put to death in Ohio since the state resumed executions in 1999.
6, 2013

Ohio on Wednesday executed a man who fatally shot an adult bookstore security guard in 1994 at the end of a multistate crime rampage as witnesses of a second slaying victim of that rampage looked on intently.

Budget Director: Don’t Expect Changes To Sales Tax Plan

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6, 2013

The head of Ohio’s Office of Budget and Management says he does not expect Republican state lawmakers to alter Gov. John Kasich’s plan to cut the state income tax and increase sales tax revenue.

Report From Pro-Choice Group Criticizes ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’

NARAL Ohio is touting a new study they say shows "crisis pregnancy centers" give women misleading information and use scare tactics to prevent them from seeking abortions.
March 6, 2013

There are more than 140 centers throughout Ohio that offer services to help women who are dealing with unintended pregnancies. Advocates for abortion rights say these centers offer sound suspect medical services, and say they have a study that proves it.

Faith Leaders Applaud Kasich Budget, Medicaid Expansion

Leaders of several faiths gathered in the Ohio Statehouse Tuesday to endorse Gov. John kasich's budget, which includes an expansion of Ohio's Medicaid program.
6, 2013

Governor John Kasich’s plan to expand Medicaid as part of the new two year state budget is being praised by some major church leaders throughout Ohio, including many who disagree on other social issues.

Internet Café Owners Fight Proposed Regulations

Some state lawmakers want to put more regulation on internet cafes, or sweepstakes cafes, like this one on Alum Creek Drive. Cafe operators say they pay sales tax and the industry employs thousands of workers.
6, 2013

Owners, employees, and other backers of some of Ohio’s 800 internet cafes and sweepstakes stores defended their industry before state lawmakers on Tuesday.

School Closings And Delays

Some school districts are keeping buses off Central Ohio roads this morning.
6, 2013

Keep checking wosu.org for the latest school closings and delays.