WOSU News Archives For: March 4, 2013

Ohio AG: More Charges Possible After Rape Trial

A Steubenville rape case involving members of the high school football team has garnered national attention.
March 4, 2013

Ohio’s attorney general says he’ll announce after the upcoming rape trial of two high school football players whether charges will be brought against others.

Columbus Man Disappears After Learning Of Rape Investigation

File photo
4, 2013

Authorities said Ahmed S. Kadi, 49, abandoned his job after learning he was under investigation. Police think he may be trying to return to the Middle East.

Coin-Operated Laundry Owners Face Tax Conundrum

Coin-operated laundromat users face a sales tax if Governor John Kasich's budget passes. This has left business owners scratching their heads on how to collect the tax from their machines.
4, 2013

For years, coin-operated laundromat users have been excluded from a sales tax. But if Governor John Kasich’s proposed state budget passes, that will change. WOSU reports the governor’s proposition has created a conundrum for most of the state’s laundry owners.

One Year After Tornado, Moscow, Ohio, Rebuilds

One of many historic homes in Moscow, OH, damaged or destroyed by the March 2nd, 2012 tornado
4, 2013

It’s been a year since a devastating tornado struck the Ohio River village of Moscow southeast of Cincinnati. Recovery efforts started shortly after the storm hit on March 2nd, 2012. More than a hundred homes suffered damage or were destroyed