WOSU News Archives For February 2013

Verizon To Move 1,500 Workers From Dublin To Hilliard

Verizon Wireless says it will move out of the twin office buildings in Dublin when a lease expires next year.
28, 2013

Verizon Wireless says it will move out of the twin office buildings in Dublin when a lease expires next year.

Pending Spending Cuts Will Take Local Toll

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman has identified $2.3-million in possible city service cuts if automatic federal spending cuts take full effect.
28, 2013

Some local officials say pending federal spending cuts will quickly effect state and city budgets. Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman identifies $2.3 million dollars in neighborhood and human services that could be lost.

Complaints, Praise After Dry Run Of Cincy Casino

Roulette wheel
Early visitors give the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati mixed reviews.
28, 2013

The first visitors to a casino about to open in downtown Cincinnati say they had a good time at a dry run of the facility but hope that a few kinks get worked out before visiting again.

Ohio Gov Sees Medicaid Ally In Food Bank Backers

Governor John Kasich
Governor Kasich wants food bank supporters to lobby Republicans to back his plan to expand Medicaid.
February 28, 2013

Gov. John Kasich is imploring supporters of the state’s food banks to help him convince his fellow Republicans in the Legislature to extend Medicaid coverage to thousands of Ohio residents.

State Health Officials Tell Hospitals To Shelve Rape Kits

DeWine declined to blame the problem on the non-profit employing developmentally disabled people. He called it an issue of "poor supervision."
28, 2013

Attorney General Mike DeWine says investigators noticed a problem with the kits from Pickaway Diversified Industries when several kits from obviously-unrelated cases tested positive for the same DNA.

Fewer Ohioans Starting Their Own Business

Of the more than 5.5 million people employed in Ohio, only about 5.6 percent of the workers are self-employed.
28, 2013

Fewer Ohioans are going into business for themselves these days, with the number of self-employed in the state at its lowest level since 2001.

Jack Russell: A Downtown Columbus Institution

Barber Jack Russell cuts client Russ Rosler's hair
28, 2013

The Athletic Club of Columbus has been around since 1912. There’s a bowling alley in the basement, a swimming pool on the 4th floor, a gym with cardio and weightlifting equipment. But tucked away in a corner on the main floor is a very small shop run by a venerable athletic club institution. His name is Jack Russell.

Absent From Ohio Ballot, Medical Marijuana Debate Continues

Even with lack of ballot issue, debate continues in Ohio on pros and cons of legalizing medical marijuana
February 27, 2013

For more than a decade, backers of a plan to legalize medical marijuana have tried unsuccessfully to convince Ohio legislators to okay the idea. Meanwhile, for more than a year, two different groups have tried unsuccessfully to collect enough petition signatures to force a statewide vote on the idea. Despite those failures by the pro-pot side…opponents of medical marijuana are feeling a need to speak out.

Union Bill Sponsor Joins Ohio Public Pension Panel

Ohio Flag
February 27, 2013

The sponsor of an Ohio measure aimed at curbing the collective bargaining rights of public workers has been named to a panel that oversees the health of the state’s public pension funds.

Normal Fanfare Missing In Ohio Report Card Release

School ranking data falls flat after attendance rigging scandal rocks many districts across the state.
27, 2013

Ohio’s latest ratings of public school performance will land with more of a thud than a bang this year.