WOSU News Archives For: May 30, 2012

More Fuel Efficient Cars Mean Less Revenue For ODOT

A Toyota Prius
30, 2012

A group known as Environment Ohio released a report Wednesday backing the Obama Administration’s proposed auto fuel efficiency standards. Those standards call for an average of 54.5 miles per gallon for vehicles by 2025. But better fuel economy means a decline in revenue for the state department of transportation.

Electric Rate Case Spurs Rare Ad Campaigns

Ad war
Competing video ads have targeted consumers as the Public Utilities Commission considers American Electric Power's rate case.
30, 2012

Electric companies these days seem to be taking a page out of political campaign handbooks. They are running negative television commercials, buying large newspaper ads and sending direct mail.

Bob Evans Closing Two Ohio Plants

The company says it will try to find new jobs for the 100 employees expected to be impacted by the plant closures.
30, 2012

The New Albany-based restaurant and food company plans to shut down plants in Springfield and Bidwell.

Ohio Gets Wavier From No Child Left Behind Mandates

The Ohio Department of Education expected 90 percent of schools to miss requirements in the No Child Left Behind Act.
30, 2012

The waiver announced Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Education frees Ohio and seven other states from many of the law’s requirements, including a mandate that 100 percent of students be proficient in math and reading by 2014.

The State Of ODOT

State Transportation Director Jerry Wray gives the first-ever "State of ODOT" Address on Tuesday.
30, 2012

In the first-ever “State of ODOT” Address, transportation officials painted a troubled portrait of the agency still working its way out of a $1.6 billion budget hole.

Knox County Toddler Dies From Gunshot Wound

The boy's grandfather, parents and two younger siblings were reportedly at the home when the shooting occurred.
30, 2012

The boy, 3, reportedly shot himself in the head with a handgun left on top of a television in the home northwest of Mount Vernon.