WOSU News Archives For: May 23, 2012

OSU To Ask For Tuition Hike

OSU proposes a 3.5 percent tuition increase.
23, 2012

Ohio State officials want a tuition hike for the next academic year.

State Smoking Ban Upheld In Court

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that a statewide smoking ban is constitutional.
23, 2012

In a unanimous decision Wednesday, justices rejected claims by a Columbus tavern owner that argued the fines it was charged for violations were an illegal taking of property, violating the state’s legitimate police powers.

Convention Facilities Authority Pledges Transparency

The Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority said it will provide some business transactions made by the private agency that will manage Nationwide Arena.
23, 2012

A comment made recently by the head of the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority has some elected officials questioning the transparency of the agency that will manage Nationwide Arena. WOSU reports the CFA attempted to clarify the statement at its board meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Columbus Man Sentenced To Death For Triple Murder

jail cell
Caron Montgomery was given a life sentence and two death sentences for three murders on Thanksgiving Day 2010.
May 23, 2012

38-year-old Caron Montgomery of Columbus on Tuesday received a life sentence for killing the woman with whom he lived, and two death sentences for killing her two children.

Exotic Animal Regulations Clear Ohio Legislature

One of three panthers rescued by the Zoo from a ranch in Zanesville.
May 23, 2012

Proposed regulations on exotic animals in Ohio are now headed to the governor for his signature.

Girl Scouts Respond To Catholic Church’s Inquiry

Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts
May 23, 2012

Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year. But they’re under fire again by Catholic bishops who are looking into relationships between the Scouts and groups that conflict with church teaching.