WOSU News Archives For: May 22, 2012

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Lundburg Stratton To Retire

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Lundburg Stratton to retire.
May 22, 2012

Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton says she’ll retire from the Ohio Supreme Court effective the end of the year.

Unclaimed For Years, Veterans Remains Finally Honored

Dayton National Cemetery
Dayton National Cemetery. Ten U.S. veterans will be buried there Monday in a military ceremony after their remains went unclaimed for years.
22, 2012

Veterans who died decades ago will finally be buried at Dayton National Cemetery. The servicemen were not missing, their cremated remains have been in plain sight, sitting on shelves in Columbus area funeral homes. A group of volunteers has taken up the cause of the unclaimed remains- trying to find the vets’ families, give them a proper burial.

Still No Deal On Ohio Gambling Regulations

An artist's rendering of the Hollywood Casino now under construction on Columbus' West side.
22, 2012

Compromise continues to elude state lawmakers on a wide-ranging regulatory bill affecting Ohio casinos, racetrack slots and other forms of gambling.

Memorial Day – A Time To Remember In The North And South

Camp Chase Graves
Camp Chase honors Confederate soldiers each June.
22, 2012

This weekend Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. WOSU Commentator and local historian Ed Lentz traces the story of the final Monday in May.

After Nine-Year Hiatus, Ohio Village Re-Opens

Ohio Village Staff Interpreters
Staff interpreters stroll through Ohio Village
22, 2012

The Ohio Historical Society has struggled to stay afloat financially during the past few years. Budget cuts forced substantial job losses. Operating hours at historical sites around the state were drastically reduced. But one of the society’s central Ohio attractions, Ohio Village, is reopening after a nine-year hiatus.

Legislators Consider Changing Definition Of “Renewable Energy”

The proposal would let electric companies use some projects involving fossil fuels to help satisfy renewable energy mandates from the state.
22, 2012

The proposal would allow electric companies to use some projects that involve fossil fuels to help satisfy renewable energy mandates from the state.

Scioto Downs Gets State’s First Video Lottery Terminal License

Casino slots
FIle photo
22, 2012

The horse racing track on Columbus’ south side is getting the state’s first license for the slot-like gambling machines.