WOSU News Archives For: May 15, 2012

Columbus Gains Jobs, Unemployment Climbs

Downtown Columbus
15, 2012

A new report on Central Ohio’s economy shows the region gained more than 9,000 jobs in early 2012. The group, Columbus 2020, says despite the additional jobs the region’s unemployment rate increased from 6.8% to 7% percent as more discouraged workers give up their job search.

Gay Marriage Debate “Louder Than Ever” Among African Americans

From top-left: former Columbus Urban League President Sam Gresham, President Obama, Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Elder Michael Reeves, and Lehigh University African Studies Prof. James Peterson.
May 15, 2012

African American pastors, activists, and academics continue to wrestle with the complicated subject of gay marriage and the President’s newly-announced stance.

Ohio Senate Wants Welfare Tied To Clean Drug Tests

The Oho Statehouse
Ohio Senate bill would create a pilot program that would tie welfare benefits to clean drug tests.
15, 2012

The Republican-controlled Ohio Senate is nearing approval of a pilot program that would tie welfare benefits to clean drug tests.

Statewide Texting Ban, Teen Rules Sent To Governor Kasich

texting while driving
All drivers also would be banned from texting, though young drivers could more easily be pulled over for the offense.
15, 2012

Ohio teens could not use cellphones or other electronic devices while driving under a bill sent Tuesday to the governor.

Researchers Expect Thinner Lake Erie Algae Bloom

A satellite image shows a massive algae bloom in Lake Erie's western basin. Scientists have linked algae to water withdrawals, pollution, and farm runoff.
15, 2012

Researchers say the toxic blue-green algae in Lake Erie’s western basin likely will appear earlier this summer but remain less dense than last year’s record bloom, partly because of warmer, drier spring weather.

DeWine Sues California Company For Do Not Call Violations

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is suing CTI group for calling Ohio customers who were on the national do not call registry and for violating Ohio’s consumer laws.
May 15, 2012

A California Company is being sued by the State of Ohio for violating the “do not call” list.