WOSU News Archives For: May 11, 2012

Ohio GOP Leaders Withdraw Provisional Ballot Claim

A man votes at Broad Street Presbyterian Church
A man votes at Broad Street Presbyterian Church
May 11, 2012

Secretary of State Jon Husted had defended his decision to require county election boards to follow U.S. District Court Judge Algenon Marbley’s decree instead of state law when counting the ballots.

State Increases Efforts To Fight Youth Homelessness

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says many homeless youth are crime victims or have "aged out" of foster care.
May 11, 2012

The state will use a pilot program to send grants to organizations that provide legal help, temporary housing, and medical assistance to Ohioans between the ages of 18 and 24.

Husted Stands By Decision To Follow Federal Court Order

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says he’s required to follow the federal court's order and says the Ohio Supreme Court doesn't have proper jurisdiction.
11, 2012

Ohio House and Senate Republicans have sued Secretary of State Jon Husted in the Ohio Supreme Court, saying his action violated the state constitution.

Ohio’s Newborn Screening Program Could Help Prevent Disorders

Baby Kennedy Cammon is a good sport for phlebotomist Erica Twiggs as she pricks her heel at University Hospitals.
11, 2012

There’s one thing all Americans share at birth. It’s the experience of having a heel stick, a jab that draws blood used for all types of screening. How much can doctors learn from a few drops of blood squeezed from the heel?